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Phi Psi At Johns Hopkins Made An Incredible Parody Of “The Wolf Of Wall Street” Trailer

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I honestly had to watch this thing four times before I let myself sit down and write a piece for you guys, because I thought it was so damn good. It had me chuckling incessantly. I’m pretty sure these guys are as close to “nailing it” as you can get with their clever take, aptly named “The Wolf Of Phi Psi.”

Stellar performances all around, am I right?

The kid who played Dick Mackleroy had the dialogue and delivery down pat, not to mention the style factor. If you were blind and knew what Leonardo DiCaprio sounded like playing Jordan Belfort, you might even think was is him doing a nice little advert for the Phi Psi boys at Hopkins–like a distant cousin doing a favor, or something like that.

I must say, the cinematography was fantastic, too. I had to watch the original “WOWS” trailer to clarify, but these guys did a phenomenal job replicating the featured shots with the means that they had, and whoever crafted the script (Vimeo alludes to Mackleroy being the writer, but a quick fact check clarified no such active member in the aforementioned Phi Psi chapter) did a great fucking job.

The best line of the whole thing had to be, “It’s a gead, it’s a geed, it’s a woozy, it’s a wahzee… fuckin’ lame.” The way it was delivered was impeccable.

I’m always one to give credit where credit is due, and I’m giving the Maryland Alpha Chapter of Phi Kappa Psi two thumbs way up for this one. Nice work, guys–and genius move to be prudent and feature a split-second disclaimer in the beginning of the bit, so to avoid any unwarranted sanctions for having a little bit of fun.

For those of you not quick enough to catch the disclaimer, it read:

The following film is intended as satire only and does not in any way reflect the attitude or philosophy of Phi Kappa Psi Maryland Alpha or the national organization.

The ramblings of Dick Mackleroy are not endorsed by the fraternity and due to their satirical nature should not be listened to by anyone…

All featured actors are over 21.

Well played, Mackleroy, and I’d be really remiss if I didn’t mention–nice pull.

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