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PETA Once Again Tries To Ruin Everyone’s Fun By Bitching About The White House Easter Egg Hunt

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Jesus PETA, are you guys ever happy? Just once, I would love to see PETA not stick their noses into every issue that even remotely has to do with animals. PETA loves to ruin expensive fur coats. They love to protest restaurants that use meat, and hand people wildly disturbing images before they go into restaurants. Whatever, that burger was still delicious, you hippie dickbags. Now, PETA is bitching about a great American tradition: the White House Easter egg hunt, because of course they are. This is an Easter egg hunt for children, but PETA is angry at the first lady because hardboiled eggs are used instead of plastic eggs. So, naturally, PETA wrote the White House a long, whiny letter, and made a stupid video to go along with it.

The video features three young girls, probably around age 6 (because exploiting children is TOTALLY cool with PETA). The girls lecture the first lady like she is a child. But in PETA’s defense, they do make some compelling arguments in the video, like when one of the girls points out that just because all the other first ladies used real eggs in their hunts, doesn’t mean the current first lady has to use real eggs. They then really hammer the point home by asking, “If all the first ladies jumped off a cliff, would you?” Just fantastic stuff.

Go away, please.

[via Opposing Views]

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Blockparty is a contributing writer for TFM and a 4th generation Texan. With a GPA just good enough to graduate, he is ready to keep on partying, drinking, hazing and gettin’ some.

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