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Penn State Students Create Late Night Taco Bell Delivery Service

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Part of the American dream is being able to start a business from essentially nothing, then subsequently working hard to make it into something successful. We can’t all be captains of industry, but some of us, just a few of us, have the skills and the ambition to make it big. Four Penn State students have found that ambition.

These four students, these incredibly brilliant individuals, have done something people have dreamed of for years. They founded Drunk Deliveries, a company that delivers Taco Bell to your doorstep late at night when you’re way too drunk to drive. Look out, Bill Gates. I give it two weeks before these students are competing for that nerd’s number one spot.

From a business standpoint, this really is ingenious. There’s definitely a huge demand. I mean, how many of you have wanted some cheesy food late at night but didn’t have a way to get it? Now you do. Considering how big Penn State is, and how much those folks like to party, I have a feeling these four students will expand rapidly. Hell, it could turn into a pretty big operation. Sure, there may be some legal mumbo jumbo they have to deal with, but I’m sure they’ll get around it.

Now, in order to make money off this, they charge a 20 percent delivery fee. When you think about it, that’s not bad. Shit, if I’m drunk enough, I’d probably be willing to pay a lot more than that for some chalupas.

While this sounds like a get rich quick kind of scheme, it’s not. The students behind this have thought it out in way more detail than I ever would have. Though it started out as a class project, it definitely has become way more than that, and the students who started it have thought ahead about their company’s future.

The real question is, why Taco Bell? Well, Mridul Bandari, the brains behind the operation, thought that out, too.

“It’s the drunk food place,” Bhandari said. “We could’ve done McDonald’s as well, but McDonald’s is so out of the way for a lot of people that a lot of people don’t consider it. For some reason with Taco Bell, the bar rush with Taco Bell is always crazy so we already knew that we had a market.”

Makes sense to me.

Overall, I think this business has some real potential. For one thing, it’s Penn State. I mean, come on–there’s a huge student population and they like to drink. Secondly, there’s a huge demand here. Everyone loves Taco Bell. Drunk people love Taco Bell more. Finally, humans, as a species, and particularly when we’re shitfaced, are incredibly lazy. Would I pay a little extra for something I could probably get myself? Absolutely.

[via Onward State]

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