Penn State Sorority Girl “Terrorizes” And Sues Sister, Will Be Roommates In The Fall

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All is finally well at the Penn State Alpha Sigma Alpha house after an apparent rift between two sisters during their study abroad semester in Spain has finally been reconciled.

Senior Rachel Lader filed a lawsuit earlier this month against the parents of sorority sister Molly Brownstein, active donors to the university, for breach-of-contract and defamation which she alleged directly led to disciplinary action from the school. This was after the two were roommates in Barcelona, where Brownstein accused Lader of bullying her to the point of contemplating suicide.

Browstein’s mother then wrote an eight page memo titled “A Mother’s Perspective” that she filed with the university that would eventually be the focal point of Lader’s lawsuit for defamation.

From The Daily Mail:

In the memo, Brownstein and her parents alleged that Lader brought a male back to a shared hotel room on a trip to Prague that forced Brownstein to find another place to stay, played music too loudly in their Barcelona apartment and dumped a colander full of pasta onto Brownstein’s bed.

‘In the sorority, it is generally understood that you do not cross Rachel Lader – better to pretend to be her friend, than be her enemy,’ Brownstein’s mother wrote in the memo.

‘The other girls were frankly scared of Rachel.’

Lader denied the claims in the lawsuit and argued that she was the actual target of an attack to ruin her academic record – claiming that the Brownsteins used their connections to do so.

She asked a federal judge to erase the disciplinary charges against her and award damages for defamation and subsequent emotional distress.

And now, through it all, from playing “A Pill in Ibiza” a little too loudly to penne-gate, the two have “hugged it out” and will be roommates this fall semester.

What a turnaround. One minute Rachel’s trying to take Molly’s parents for everything they have, and the next, they’re passing each other glitter and working on recruitment banners, living together in harmony. That’s an unprecedented 180 for females that’s downright baffling. Hell hath no fury like a sorority girl scorned.

Let’s get some visuals, shall we?

The cold hearted fox that you “do not cross,” Rachel Lader:

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 3.38.17 PM

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 3.38.25 PM

Call me old-fashioned, but there’s something about a woman who you “don’t want to make enemies with” that really does it for me. Let that freak flag fly, Rach.

The pasta bed victim, Molly Brownstein:

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 3.56.10 PM

Not saying I cracked the case on what caused all this drama in the first place with one glance of this picture, but I cracked the case on what caused all this drama in the first place with one glance of this picture. Open and shut, Johnson.

That said, I’m glad these two could resolve their differences and wipe the slate clean. I’m sure they’ll completely forget about the whole crazy ordeal and not hold it over each others’ heads for the rest of their lives.

[via The Daily Mail]

Image via Tumblr

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