Penn State Kicker Joey Julius Is A Victim Of Body Shaming

Joey Julius

Earlier this week, Penn State kicker and hit stick machine Joey Julius posted a Facebook post regarding his struggles with binge eating. Julius brought up the way his eating affected his mental state and how it impacted his self-image.

Following his brave announcement to the world, Julius opened up even more about the toll his “disorder” had on his body.

From ESPN:

Julius, who said he has struggled with the disorder for 11 years, said he would often eat a salad in front of teammates, then head back to his room and order Chinese food or cheesesteaks.

He’d eat well past the point of being full.

“I would have to lay down to the point where I was so sick I couldn’t move and just lay there,” Julius said. “There were some times I would cry.”

Sounds like a result of the media’s attempt to skew young people’s perception of the male body, if you ask me.

Binging on something is part of life. Whether it’s pizza or Kamikaze shots, everyone has a thing. Just because vapid ladies swoon over an unattainably airbrushed guy on the Calvin Klein website, it doesn’t mean that we’re all going to be veiny and overly toned. The fact that a flawless athletic specimen like Joe-Ju suffered through so much mental anguish over his eating habits is just a reflection of this shallow society we live in.

After a long day of working hard and making waves, it’s nobody’s business how many cheesesteaks you’re putting down. If you want to wash that General Tso’s down with a cold beer and some Cherry Garcia, do it. Don’t let the people around you ruin your self-esteem. They wish they were kicking bombs and making tackles for a D1 squad. Throw on a Hawaiian shirt and face the world, Joey. It’s 2016 and anyone who thinks that’s shameful is a narrow-minded cuck.

[via ESPN]

Image via Instagram/ @joey_julius99

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