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Pac-Man Is About To Make His Casino Debut, Making Him The Unofficial Mascot Of Degenerates

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pac-man gambling casino

With their themed video slot machines, their retro signage, and the sense of childlike wonderment you feel as soon as you step foot inside of them, casinos already basically have the feel of the adult version of an arcade. So it was probably only a matter of time before everyone’s favorite money-sucking establishments brought actual video games into the mix and started taking full advantage of the fact that we’re all suckers for nostalgia.

Pac-Man Battle Casino, a 4-player, elimination-style Pac-Man variant, looks to be the first arcade game/casino game mashup to make the trip to Sin City — which is fitting considering casinos eat up all your money much like that slack-jawed yellowhead chomps down on dots and shit.

From Compete:

In the Battle Casino version, each player must put down a minimum bet to play. Darion Lowenstein, CMO at Gamblit Gaming, told Compete that the betting floor will be determined by casinos and “will likely range between $2 and $20.” So, probably more than a quarter.

You can only place bets beforehand, not during the game, so you can’t heighten the stakes if you realize you’re winning. The prize for the last Pac-Man standing isn’t determined by the bets, though. Instead, it’s all up to a prize wheel that spits out a randomly generated figure per round.

Yep, you read that correctly. You could be the best goddamn Pac-Man player in the world, shelling out 20 after 20 and racking up first place spot after first place spot, and it’s entirely possible that all you’ll have to show for it in the end is a bag full of nickels. But hey, at least the game itself will be entirely skill-based and have nothing to do with luck, right?

Lowenstein told Compete that the game’s meant to be played by “two to four human players only; as always, the CPU controls the ghosts.” He also clarified that it’s all “skill-based,” and the only random element involved is the cash prize.

Not one single game in the history of gambling has ever been decided purely on skill, and I’m sure Pac-Man Battle Casino will be no different. Don’t expect the Pac-Man that casinos roll out to be the same game you grew up playing as a kid. You better believe that game will be rigged as all shit.

But that probably won’t stop us all from throwing bills into it, at least until the novelty wears off. Just imagine that next Vegas trip as soon as Pac-Man: Degenerate’s Edition comes out.

“How was the bachelor party?”

“Blew all my money on Pac-Man. Didn’t even make it to the craps table. The new strip club was cool though. You can get a lap dance for a quarter.”

“Oh yeah? What it’s called?”

“Space Invaders.”

[via Compete]

Image via Shutterstock

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