PBR And A Jacket Company Teamed Up To Help You Sneak Booze Around In Style

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PBR jacket beer hiding

When I went on a ski trip to Canada last year, my friends and I were met with an immediate obstacle: our hotel deemed itself “alcohol-free.” Was alcohol allowed in the pool? Nope. On the slopes? Nope. In the hot tub? I mean, c’mon; a few jacuzzi brews need to be allowed, right? Nope. Everywhere we went with a beer bottle in our hand, we were met with an awkward, overly nice French Canadian security guard ready to shut down our north-of-the-border boozing. We had to find a way to improvise, adapt, and overcome to sneak our brews around, and sadly we were too drunk from slamming cans in the privacy of our room to do so.

Pabst Blue Ribbon noticed what a growing problem needing to sneak beer around is and went all in.

From Food & Wine:

Finally, Pabst Blue Ribbon has teamed up with 686 Technical Apparel to offer a winter coat that, as the two collaborating companies say in a “Behind The Gear” video, is “legitimately technical.” Finally, there’s a quality winter jacket that, they say, “can really hold 11 or 12 beverages in there.” Finally, a coat that features “hidden messages all throughout” that “showcase Pabst history,” National Treasure-style, except in this case, the National Treasure is Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer.

They say the best inventions solve problems, and this one solves a nationwide crisis. The only thing I’m upset about is that nobody thought of this sooner. Here’s a video of the jacket in action.

Look how stylish and functional it looks! It’s called fashion, look it up.

Granted, I wish a different beer than PBR had come up with this. I don’t think anyone has seriously enjoyed PBR since the Eisenhower administration. The only people I still see drink it by choice are underage college kids who are wannabe hillbillies. That’s not going to stop me from buying one and filling it with some delicious Mexican beer, though.

This paves the way for a new era of alcohol outerwear. If you want to buy one, it’ll set you back about $250. That’s a lot of 30 racks.

[via Food & Wine]

Image via YouTube

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