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OU Phi Delta Theta Asks Protestors To Get Off Their Lawn, Get Filmed And Called Racist For It

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On Saturday in Norman, Oklahoma, protestors invaded the OU campus to protest Donald Trump hosting a $1000/head tailgate fundraiser in the backyard of Barry Switzer’s daughter’s house. During the course of the protests, they decided to stop and take a rest on the lawn of Phi Delta Theta. Phi Delt members, who were more than likely hosting a tailgate for family and alumni, didn’t want to be associated with a protest, and asked the protesters to move from their private property to public property.

One of the protesters wanted to get the guys in trouble, so she whipped out her phone and started recording, hoping they’d get these guys some consequences.

Asking trespassers to leave your property is a pretty reasonable request, if you ask me. I understand that the protesters are using the trees for shade, but, as the police officer, Phi Delt member, and girl in the video state, there is plenty of shade across the street on public property.

According to Red Dirt Report, the members went on to have more confrontation with the protestors even after the cops arrived.

Even with police there, the fraternity members continued to be “confrontational” with protesters, including one frat member crafting a sign the read “I’m with Stupid” and purposefully standing next to a physically disabled protester in a wheelchair.

Now, I have a hard time believing that is true. This wasn’t a quote from someone there, and there is no video or photo evidence of this that I could find. In fact, one of the protestors present even claimed she didn’t witness anybody singling out of people of color (as was claimed by other protesters), holding that sign, or pretty much anything else claimed below by Casey Holcomb.


I didn’t see any notion of Phi Delt continuing to start shit with protesters like this man claims. The protestors started something with them after police arrived and the Phi Delt calmly responded that he was paying for college himself and wasn’t an entitled douche as the protesters suggested. Also, Casey, it is very possible for these guys to say they own the house, as they are paying members of the organization who owns the house. Therefore, they are allowed to enforce the house rules, just like you could do with regard to your childhood home even though it belongs to your parents.

Lastly, I’d like to point out that Red Dirt Report’s headline called these guys “pro-Trump,” yet there is no mention of their political views in the video. All there is? A quote from some random person’s Facebook post about how these people they don’t know are pro-Trump. I’m no journalism major — I went the economics route — but I’m pretty sure you have to check facts when reporting on something. I could be wrong, though. Are journalists allowed to include possible non-facts to increase their narrative? If so, BREAKING: Casey Holcomb might have just pooped his pants. More on this story at 11.

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[via Red Dirt Report]

Image via Twitter/@OUPhiDeltaTheta

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