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Oregon Greek Life On Social Probation For Two Weeks After Wednesday Rager Hospitalizes Five Girls

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The University of Oregon has placed all of Greek life on a two-week social probation as of last Friday in response to a Wednesday night party, rumored to be at Phi Psi, which left at least five girls hospitalized for over-intoxication.

Chi Omega must have gone especially hard, as President Sarah Pierce explained via email that, “While all chapters were irresponsible, we were especially out of control, and that is known by almost all of Greek Life.” Pierce blamed the ill-effects of the rager on “incidences of over-serving minors,” which is particularly amusing both because any serving of under-21-year-olds is technically over-serving, and because “minors” typically refers to people under 18. The idea of blacked out 17-year-old girls running free at a party should send shivers down the spines of everyone who values not being a registered sex offender.

Pierce also pointed a finger at the fraternity, claiming that they “held a large unofficial party within their house and provided alcohol.” Yet rumors abound that the sororities and new members, freshly off of dry rush events, pre-gamed the hell out of the event and showed up already wrecked. An anonymous source claimed that everyone at the party was almost solely drinking Franzia wine, making the body count both more mystifying and intriguing.

In response, Inter-Fraternity Council President Joe Junor also sent out an email to all fraternities at Oregon, alerting them to the numerous hospitalizations. Junor reminded everyone that, “All chapter facilities are alcohol and substance free at all times,” assumedly implying that they are all non-hazing organizations as well.

Ultimately, it is unfortunate that anyone ends up on a hospital bed from boozing, even though five girls all from the same party is certainly an achievement of sorts. The real problem here is yet another example of blaming organizations for individual mistakes. The Chi O President points the finger at the fraternity for supplying booze, the fraternities and various commentators point the finger at the girls for drinking too much beforehand, but really there is no winner here. Every Greek organization now has to suffer because of a handful of people who took that final step from “drunk mess of a good time” to “woke up with an IV and handcuffs but without pants.”

Lost in all of this of course is that the party must have been one hell of a banger, on a Wednesday no less.

[via Daily Emerald]


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