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Oregon Football Players Organize Snowball Fight, Mostly Just Assault Random People With Snow

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Snowball fights are fun. You get to hurt people, but only sort of. In college, if there’s a snow day, you can pretty much guarantee some group of students is going to have a snowball fight. Unless it’s a snow day in the south, where you only need half an inch to hit the ground before everyone wets themselves, loots the nearest grocery store, barricades themselves inside their homes, and cancels school for a week.

In the Midwest and in the north, however, snow days mean snowball fights, probably Schnapps-fueled snowball fights, among other things. This past Friday, the University of Oregon had a snow day for what appears to be a pretty legit snowfall, and of course, there was a snowball fight. What was unique about this one, however, is that it was organized by Oregon’s football players. I guess they didn’t have anything better to do since they didn’t make that weekend’s Pac-12 Conference Championship Game. No word on if any of the players were wearing shirts that read, “We Want Bama Something, Anything To Do.”

The video taken of the snowball fight presumably doesn’t show everything that happened, but what it does capture is Oregon football players basically just attacking random cars and the poor bastards inside of them.

Pretty dick move on the players’ part, though I’m not going to sit here and act like if I was drunk, with a hundred other bad influences, and throwing snowballs, that I wouldn’t have been drilling those cars, too. I would have. Regardless, it doesn’t appear that there was much of a snowball fight that took place, rather, just a bunch of Oregon football players, and other Oregon students, throwing snowballs at innocent passersby. They were pretty relentless, too. The guy who got out of his car has the patience of a saint.

Oregon’s coaching staff has seen the video, and has said that there will be disciplinary action, though there’s no word on if that will include players being suspended for the Alamo Bowl, in which Oregon plays Texas.

All in all, this snowball fight was pretty typical of the Oregon football team. Throw shit and runaway as fast as you can to avoid confrontation. The football players are lucky that the man who got out of his car wasn’t looking for a physical altercation, because everyone knows the Oregon football team pretty much folds when you get physical with them. Stanford would have flipped those cars over, you pussies. That’s why they won the Pac-12.

h/t College Spun


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