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Oregon Child Arrested For Planning “Project X” Style Party, Demands To Be Interviewed With Fisher-Price Microphone

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The number one rule when planning something incredibly illegal is to keep it off of social media. Cops may be old and fat, but they aren’t stupid. That’s the first thing I tell my pledges. However, some people are so lacking in brain cells, they still fail to comprehend the consequences of their own stupidity. If you’re going to be stupid, though, at least make it funny.

Nat Gray, a 19-year-old student from Salem, Ore., falls into the category of “hilarious dumbass.”

To celebrate his birthday, he planned a massive “Project X”-style party and advertised it on Twitter as #ProjectNat. Over the course of two weeks, the hashtag spread around social media and garnered enough attention to attract the unwanted interest of the Marion County Sheriff’s Department. Through Twitter, they searched for narcs with information regarding the party.

They even went as far as tweeting directly at Nat, who uses the incredibly try-hard Twitter handle, @beerisrad.

The sneaky little shit pulled the ignorance card and claimed he had no information on the planned blowout.

Unsurprisingly, deputies easily located the party at a park outside of Salem and broke it up before the high school boners had a chance to do any raging. The deputies arrested Gray for several misdemeanor charges, including giving alcohol to minors and disorderly conduct.

After being released, the rebellious miscreant proudly tweeted a picture of his mugshot with a huge, shit-eating grin on his face.

Due to the apparent lack of relevant and noteworthy news in Salem, the local news station requested to interview Gray about his party. He agreed to be interviewed under one condition–that he could record the interview himself using a Fisher-Price microphone toy. Sure enough, the desperate news team agreed to his request.

Though the interview was conducted outdoors at night, Nat continued to pull power moves. Wearing sunglasses and holding his microphone toy, Nat continued to claim innocence. When the reporter asked for his thoughts on the Sheriff’s Department following the party on Twitter and how quickly the details spread on social media, he simply shrugged his shoulders and said, “What can you do? That’s the Internet, I guess.”

The hilarious “criminal” is due in court on May 9.

[via KGW]

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Bogey Wells

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