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OU President David Boren Asked Why He Expelled SAEs But Not Joe Mixon, Gives Nonsensical, Bullshit Answer

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Let’s get two things out of the way here real quick. First, the Oklahoma chapter of SAE absolutely deserved to get the boot for their infamous video. That was a perfectly fitting and deserved punishment. However, the two SAE members who were outright expelled from the University of Oklahoma by the administration for their involvement in the video were punished too harshly, and did not deserve expulsion. That is especially true when considering that OU president David Boren decided to not expel Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon after viewing the video of Mixon brutally assaulting a female Oklahoma student.

Essentially, the SAEs were expelled because there was intense media and public backlash, because their video, unlike Mixon’s, had been released to the public prior to any punishment. (Had the Mixon video been released right away I believe he would have been kicked off the team and out of the school, which is what should have happened.) Also, the SAEs were less valuable to the university, and on top of that — perhaps most of all — David Boren is a fickle pussy who will apparently pretty effortlessly bend to the whims of an angry public, or an insistent Bob Stoops.

But the best part about Boren is how hilariously contradictory everything he says turns out to be when trying to explain his stances on Mixon and SAE. Take, for example, everything he said about Oklahoma SAE’s racist video only seven months after he saw a video of Joe Mixon shattering a woman’s face.

I have emphasized that there is zero tolerance for this kind of threatening racist behavior at the University of Oklahoma.

“How have I emphasized this, you ask? Easy. By literally putting more emphasis on punishing people who use hurtful words than punishing those who actually hurt someone physically. Like, even if they hurt them pretty badly. That one girl Mixon punched went to the hospital. Her face was a mess. But guess what? I’m more concerned with hurtful words, and that’s what I’m emphasizing, so she can go suck lemons. You know, when her jaw isn’t wired shut anymore.”

They are “Real Sooners” who believe in mutual respect for all. I hope that students involved in this incident will learn from this experience and realize that it is wrong to use words to hurt, threaten, and exclude other people.

Joe Mixon called a gay guy a faggot right before smashing a woman’s face with his fist, does that count?

Once their identities have been confirmed, they will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.

A scholarship?

Then there’s what Boren said after he actually expelled the two SAE members.

Boren said the students who played a leadership role had created a hostile learning environment for others.

I don’t deny that the SAE video probably made OU’s campus uncomfortable for people. It almost certainly did. But I can’t imagine feeling safe if a group of drunk football players, say, came into the Norman bar I was at knowing that, if that group of giant men got pissed off at me and decided to beat my face into a toothless, wheezing, bowl of human jello, they would almost certainly get away with it. Personally I prefer to not have my dollar bottles environment feel like a maximum security prison’s mess hall. Maybe that’s just me. I don’t know.

Last night, after Oklahoma’s Joe Mixon fueled victory over Auburn in the Sugar Bowl, one reporter asked David Boren about his decision to punish SAE, and specifically the two members who were expelled, so harshly, while seemingly letting Joe Mixon off the hook for, again, swiftly disassembling a woman’s face.

Here’s the statement from Boren. It is, again, wonderfully laden with contradiction.

As a university president, I want to help young people learn from their mistakes and get on the right path.

Except those kids you expelled pretty much immediately for making a big, dumb mistake? Except those kids? Those two kids you were literally just asked about? Does he have a handler who keeps him from wandering into traffic? This guy strikes me as way too dumb to be conniving.

I’m not in the business of destroying entire lives and entires futures of young people.

Employer: Everything looks great here, just one more question though, why did you leave OU?

Expelled SAE: Uh… yeah…

If they want to get someone else to be the university president that’s in the destruction business, get ’em….

Listen DBo (he signs his tweets DBo), I don’t think anyone here is suggesting that Joe Mixon’s right fist be president of the University of Oklahoma.

I’m in the education business.

Yes, I agree with you there DBo, you did make two very distinct business decisions.

Here’s Boren congratulating Mixon after the Sugar Bowl win.

Please deep throat a downed power line, you gutless tools.

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