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Check Out This Insane Email A Furious, Pathetic Ohio State Fan Sent Their Kicker After The Clemson Loss

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I threw this out there the other day but it deserves to be reiterated: Ohio State is an underrated trash fanbase.

The SEC, and the south in general, gets all the trash fanbase attention. It’s not exactly undeserved. After all, LSU and Bama fall under that umbrella, not to mention the entire state of Florida, where the most respectable program’s fans have a totally legitimate reputation for wearing jean shorts. And that’s the top of the pile. What does a t-shirt UCF fan look like? *shudders* I never want to find out.

But for every Bama or Florida State, you have southern fanbases that are probably viewed as way more redneck than they actually are. Texas comes to mind. As easy as it is to assume that the flagship program of Texas is an army of frothy-mouthed, inbred trailer trolls, the truth is that fanbase is actually way more metropolitan and laissez-faire than most people from the rest of the country imagine.

Meanwhile, one area that gets relatively let off the hook (except by those in close proximity), is the Rust Belt AKA the Big Ten. The top half of that conference is basically just the SEC but with winter. The majority of those teams’ fans are every bit as irrational and backwoods as anything that crawls into Knoxville or Fayetteville on a fall Saturday. And the supreme Big Ten garbage horde is, by far, THE rabid, drunken, overweight supporters of Ohio State football.

And here’s the latest proof: an unhinged email from a delusional, furious, inconsolable Ohio State fan to the team’s kicker, Tyler Durbin, who missed two field goals to start off the Fiesta Bowl last Saturday.



The worst part is that this apparently wasn’t even some 47-year-old, crazy-eyed loser Buckeye fan who never even attended the school. It’s not a t-shirt fan. It’s a student. Come on, man.

There’s so much to unpack in this email but my favorite is that this kid thinks Durbin “dishonored” the Ohio State name, as well as his family’s name. Solid delusion right there. I didn’t realize we were living in feudal Japan. That’s something only the drunkest of Paul Finebaum callers would claim. Listen kid, Durbin doesn’t dishonor Ohio State. Your inevitable future of walking into a Wendy’s in twenty years, in a Buckeyes jersey, and ordering $30 worth of Baconators and Frosties despite your doctor’s pleas to stop killing yourself with food is the type of thing that dishonors the school’s name. Well that and this pathetic email. Mostly this email.

P.S. – I’m pretty sure it wasn’t Durbin’s fault he didn’t have the opportunity to miss any extra points.

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