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Off The Menu: The BK Club

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The BK Club is probably the easiest thing you can order off of a secret menu. I’ve heard rumors of a mystical item at Taco Bell that’s supposedly the easiest of all because T. Bell is fully stocked with all the items–it’s just that nobody knows about it. Until I test the veracity of that rumor, I’m going to remain firm in my assessment that the BK Club is easy as fuck to order.

You basically start with the Original Chicken Sandwich, a Burger King stalwart, and you build from there. The BK Club is actually a far more refreshing take on the Original Chicken Sandwich, if only for the additional vegetables you’re piling onto this thing. It consists of tomato, lettuce, mayo, bacon, and cheese, atop the traditional sandwich.


I rolled up to the drive thru speaker and asked for the BK Club, and the guy on the other end didn’t understand. He told me to wait a second as he grabbed his manager. When he came back, I ordered it again and the manager knew immediately what I was talking about. I feel this is important because I could have just ordered the sandwich on its own and then added the additional vegetables, cheese, and bacon, but Burger King employees are supposedly trained to know the “secret menu” as well as the regular menu. I’d be curious to know if that’s accurate or not, but I don’t care enough to find out.

I was sort of interested in trying some other Burger King secrets while I was there–we don’t have BK near my house, which is either a blessing or a curse depending on how you look at it–but I decided against it. I’ll save those for another write up. To be honest, Burger King’s secret menu isn’t too spectacular, which is surprising considering the chain’s lax approach to letting individuals have it their way. I mean, the slogan is “Have It Your Way” or whatever, right? That’s still a thing? I haven’t watched a commercial since the advent of the DVR, so I have no clue. Technically, I could order one of these with a Whopper on top of it and they’d “have” to do it.

Either way, I ended up with two chicken sandwiches (two for $5, homey, even though there was an upcharge for bacon and cheese) which were both delicious. Unsurprisingly, the bacon is the star of the show here, as it usually is in every dish it’s a part of, but the tomato really helped knock this guy out of the park for me. It’s a solid, relatively inexpensive chicken sandwich overall.

I have to give the BK Club an eight out of 10. I deduct two points, because at the end of the day, this isn’t a humongous secret on the menu. Either way, the BK Club is an eight, even though I felt as if I had a rock made out of chicken and mayonnaise in my stomach afterward for about an hour, but whatever–something’s gotta kill ya, right?

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