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Nursing Home Sued Over Providing Male Stripper For Old Ladies

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A Long Island nursing home is in hot water because of an “entertainment event,” for which employees hired a male stripper in “good faith” for their patients.

Bernice Youngblood, 85, was one of the individuals “defiled” by the stripper–she is in the above image, stuffing singles into his briefs. A patient at East Neck Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Youngblood’s son found the photograph in her room back in January 2013. Try not to think about what she was using it for. There are some lines we refuse to cross at TFM.

Old lady masturbation. That’s what I’m insinuating. Flickin’ the raisin.

Of course I’m looking at this from a dude’s perspective, but I really don’t think that an old lady would hate some hot, muscly, sweaty dude swooning over her. Think about it, you’re an old lady with two, maybe three years left. Why not have a dude’s package in your face? You (probably) used to love that. However, reports seem to claim that Youngblood was a victim in this case.

“Plaintiff Bernice Youngblood was placed in apprehension of imminent, offensive, physical harm, as she was confused and bewildered as to why a muscular, almost nude man, was approaching her and placing his body and limbs, over [her],” the suit states.

Yeah, I hate being victimized by strippers. They hypnotize me with their tits, they pretend to love me, and then they assault me. They shove their cooters in my face and they take me for everything I’m worth. It’s disgusting.

But not all strippers love you.

I’ve had a stripper give me a wedgie until my boxers ripped off. After she succeeded in removing the elastic band from my boxers, she proceeded to choke me out with it while she bent me over the stage and whipped me with my belt like I was a fucking slave who had just attempted to escape. My point is, you don’t see me crying about it or suing anyone.

Youngblood’s family was concerned for her, claiming she “lacks the physical and mental capacity to make a decision like that for herself.”

Fucking everyone lacks mental capacity when a stripper’s crotch is in his or her face. That’s why people like strippers.

Strippers are a fact of life. Whether you are a nice, old grandmother confined to a wheelchair with some dick helicoptering in your face, or you are an 18-year-old pledge who was soberly dragged to a hole-in-the-wall strip club to be beaten within an inch of your life by a stripper with visible C-section scars, my point is this: sometimes you have no choice, so just suck it up and enjoy.

Let this serve as a reminder to you for the next time you grind up on an old lady who happens to be in a wheelchair. Regardless of whether or not she wraps Washingtons around your schlong or moans in agony, remember that she is someone’s grandma.

[via NY Post]

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Nathaniel Light

Nathaniel Light is a contributing writer for Total Frat Move. Nate spends his free time drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon and covering his food in chili and cheese. This has led to slight weight gain, but he has been told that he resembles a "J. Crew model ten pounds overweight." It was either the nicest insult or the meanest compliment he has ever received. His picture is a metaphor, but it actually happened.

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