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North Korea Releases New Propaganda Video Portraying American Troops And President Obama Engulfed In Flames

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North Korea is a funny place. It’s not “ha ha funny,” though. Their internment camps per capita is above the ha ha funny threshold. It’s a more sad and unstable sort of funny, like a drunk birthday clown with a handgun.

Lately, said drunken, armed clown has been working on quite the media campaign, releasing videos portraying America’s demise. They’d be troublesome if they weren’t, you know, coming from North Korea, and so terribly produced. Seriously North Korea, this is computer animation we’re talking about here, you guys are the worst Asians ever.

The first video in their “Death to America” series (which I’m pretty sure was scored by Phillip Glass) portrayed a happy North Korean dreaming of flying through space in rocket ships as America burned. A little weird, but I suppose is more inspring to your population than claiming ancient North Korean kings rode unicorns. North Korea’s most recent effort is a video portraying American soldiers and President Obama engulfed in flames as the text boasts of North Korean military power. I knew that Red Dawn remake was only going to encourage them.

The new video, once again, has the production value of an early 90s sex tape, but the message is clear, “Fuck you America!” And America responds, with a half hearted shoulder shrug and their other eye on SportsCenter, “meh.”


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