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Nobel Laureates Call Greenpeace’s War On GMO’s “A Crime Against Humanity”

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Scientists have always gotten a bum rap. When they finally get past the early years of swirlies and find out they can actually get some poon in college, the masses of anti-vaxxers and animal rights activists show them just how stupid the professional world can be. One notoriously ignorant group, Greenpeace, has been slamming genetically modified crops (you know, the ones that cut back on disease and get us closer to ending world hunger?) for years now. They’ve attacked research sites, destroyed entire crops, and generally exposed hippies for the psychopaths they are. Now science, it would seem, is fed up. 107 of their finest minds are finally calling out Greenpeace as the terrorist group it is, signing off on a letter that absolutely wrecks these misguided souls.

From Science Alert:

The letter is part of a campaign called Support Precision Agriculture, organised by Philip Sharp, the winner of the 1993 Nobel Prize in Physiology, and Richard Roberts, the chief scientific officer of New England Biolabs.

It’s now been signed by 107 Nobel Laureates, including Elizabeth Blackburn, who was awarded the 2009 Nobel Prize for Medicine, and Tomas Lindahl and Paul Modrich, who won last year’s Prize for Chemistry.

“We’re scientists. We understand the logic of science. It’s easy to see what Greenpeace is doing is damaging and is anti-science,” Roberts told The Washington Post. “Greenpeace initially, and then some of their allies, deliberately went out of their way to scare people. It was a way for them to raise money for their cause.”

The letter goes on to detail Greenpeace’s campaign against “golden rice,” a GM Crop that is proven to increase Vitamin A intake. The deficiency leads to premature blindness, which often leads to death in underdeveloped areas.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that around 250 million children suffer from vitamin A deficiency around the world, including 40 percent of the children under five in the developing world.

The deficiency is a leading cause of childhood blindness, and half the children who experience it die within 12 months of losing their eyesight.

Real fucking progressive of you, hippies. I guess you can throw “child murder” on your list of demands, right next to raising taxes to 90 percent and bringing back polio.

This doesn’t just apply to borderline militants like Greenpeace. It goes for all those “Phish shirt and a tuxedo vest” types you’ll see going to their nearest Whole Foods to stock up on organic cruelty-free kale as well. If you really oppose crops that have all the data in their corner, you’re no better than folks who are still practicing female circumcision. Actually, you’re worse because you have access to scholarly research and a chance to get informed.

The letter’s a great rallying cry to form around. Learned minds banding together to stop the overzealous actions of a bunch of uninformed garbage people is a huge step towards shutting them down. Now it’s up to people skilled in more, shall we say, practical fields to do their part. Let’s sack up and help our friends in lab coats. Do your part today: Go punch a hippie (just don’t tell them I told you to do it for legal reasons).

[via Science Alert]

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