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Nick Saban Is So Intimidating It Took His Daughter’s Boyfriend A Month To Propose

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Nick Saban Is So Intimidating It Took His Daughter's Boyfriend A Month To Propose

If you were to poll every college football coach, player, and fan in the nation as to who is the coach that scares the shit out of them the most, every answer would be Nick Saban. He’s the devil. His demeanor shows no emotion. His face shows nothing but a cold, stoic, stare that would bring even Zeus to his knees. Needless to say, he’s pretty intimidating, which is probably why he puts out good team after good team.

That persona doesn’t just affect the football life, but also spills over into everyday dad life. His daughter, Kristen, recently went off the market, and it turns out that her boyfriend was so scared of Nicky that it took a good month to finally ask him for her hand in marriage.

Saban addressed it in a recent interview with Dan Patrick:

DP: How did he ask for her hand?

NS: It took him about a month. They told me that he was going to ask, and every time I’d see him, I tried to put us in a situation where he could ask, but he never did. Somebody finally had to beat it out of him.

Can you blame the guy? I’d be scared shitless too if Saban were my girlfriend’s father. He wants her home by 11? I’m dropping her off at 10:15 and no later, just to be sure. Asking a normal dude for his daughter’s hand in marriage is a scary situation as it is, asking the devil for his daughter’s hand in marriage sounds downright unbearable.

The greatest part of it all? Saban doesn’t even realize he’s intimidating. When asked about it, he had this to say:

No, I don’t realize that. I still feel like I’m a kid from West Virginia. It’s hard for me to understand why anyone would be intimidated.

Maybe he should watch some film on himself. He’ll understand why.

Dan also asked Nick what songs made him dance at the wedding, and Nick had a few songs he enjoyed.

“The Electric Slide” is one of my old favorites, so we were out there for that. I tried to learn the Wobble. That took a little more expertise, knowledge and experience.

I can expect many opposing stadiums to be blasting the “Electric Slide” and “Wobble” this season to try and get Saban to crack a smile and bust a move on the sidelines.

[via Sports Illustrated]

Image via YouTube

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