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Nick Jonas Thinks Being A Famous Person Is Like Being Hazed In A Fraternity

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Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas thinks that being famous is comparable to being hazed in a fraternity. Thanks to his new movie Goat, he can now make that comparison, I guess. In an interview with NY Magazine’s The Cut, he discussed his feelings about the two.

“I compare living a public life, and probably being unfairly judged at times, as my own version of hazing, and bullying to some extent,” Jonas told the Cut. “But I also have a pretty good grip on the way I see it and the way I see the world, and I accept that my journey is really unique. Being able to draw from that and putting it in this film is important.”

Woah woah woah. Let’s slow down mentioning bullying and hazing in the same sentence there, Nick. As someone who has helped mold and shape the minds of our youth to become better men, I can assure you that the two are not related. Telling someone that they are a worthless piece of human garbage may break them down, but that’s so we can build them back up. It’s called life lessons.

Now, onto the hazing part. Being mobbed by fans at an awards show, or having paparazzi snapping shots of you doesn’t seem like hazing to me. Now, if you went full Daniel Day-Lewis on your role and spent your months leading up to filming on your elbows and toes, drinking a dip spit/tequila/stale beer/mustard cocktail out of a shoe, running miles in jeans, a plain white tee, sneakers, and a fat lip in, then yes, being famous for that period of time was like hazing because that is what hazing is.

[via The Cut]

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