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NFL’s Maurice Jones-Drew Returns To UCLA To Complete Degree, Is Awesome

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First off, I feel the need to acknowledge what a shame it is to see a talented brother like this accept a bid and literally run shit at the bottom-tier, borderline GDI house that is the Jacksonville Jaguars. Judging from his pre-season holdout last year and unremitting requests to be traded, it’s clear Maurice Jones-Drew has come to the realization that a soon to be 8th year senior in the NFL’s worst chapter is just no way to go through life. You’ve got to sympathize with the guy though, as the Jaguar House has been on post-season probation since 2008.

That said, it makes perfect sense that Jones-Drew just re-enrolled at UCLA to finish his degree in history and live up the senior year that he never had, after making the lucrative decision to enter the NFL Draft following his junior season in 2005.

Think about how difficult it would be to walk around campus, in downtown Los Angeles, if you were one of biggest superstars in the NFL (strike last year from the record). Apparently, MJD has been open to interaction with the whole UCLA community.

During one of his first weeks back on campus, Jones-Drew spotted a student attempting to take a picture of him with his phone from afar.

Jones-Drew immediately walked up to the student and asked if he wanted to take a picture with him instead.

The student was taken aback by his openness, but they took the picture and moved on. Then, whenever Jones-Drew saw him on campus, they would stop and talk.

Now that’s just awesome. Imagine being the dude who just happens to fall into becoming friends with MJD. Your chill:pull just went through the roof, man.

Even going so far to emulate the true college experience as bunking up in a dorm on the Westwood, CA campus, Jones-Drew says he’s been enjoying the university life, especially since he can openly voice opinions without having to fear a phone call and impending fines from the NFL’s Ginger Führer, Roger Goodell.

“In the NFL, a lot of players want to say something and they won’t because they know that there are repercussions that can come,” Jones-Drew said. “When you’re here, I can say something and some people felt the same way I did and some people didn’t. Either way, it was great to hear how enthusiastic they are about and how they are willing to fight tooth and nail for how they feel; it’s good to finally see that again.”

Stemming from a promise made to his grandmother, MJD’s move to complete his academic pursuits has found him enjoying classes immensely.

“We’re doing a war-on-terrorism paper and it’s going to be a good one,” he said. “My professor gave me good feedback on my B-plus paper so hopefully she’ll like this next paper. I can’t wait.”

Now that’s the kind of attitude to be commended, sir.

It’s remarkable to think what kind of legacy could be in the works right now had MJD not forgone his senior season for the NFL Draft. If only he had hung around and rushed just a little harder, he definitely would’ve garnered consideration from some more reputable, top-tier football fraternities.

Regardless, if I’m a brother in any house at UCLA, I’m sitting down with my chapter tonight to figure out how we’re going to give Maurice Jones-Drew a bid.

[via The Daily Bruin]


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