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NFL Themed Carly Rae Parody “Call It Maybe” Goes Viral

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One of the many lessons that will be taken away from the NFL referees lockout, aside from “a personal foul is worth a 27-yard penalty” and “it’s hilarious when a ref goes Mario Kart on Kevin Ogletree,” is that everyone copes with adversity in different ways.

The more sensitive among us send out love letters to their ex’s, expressing how the latter’s absence leaves a black hole where their heart once stood. Some take the “commit spontaneous acts of arson” route. Others take to social media to vent like they were hormonal Beliebers whose parents just took away their Tamagotchi privileges for the week.

…And then, well then there’s this guy:

Stab me. In the spleen. With a rusted can opener. Repeatedly.


HOWEVER, until this debacle between the refs, players, owners, and the World’s Most Powerful Ginger comes to an end, we, as fans, still have to manage to find a way to act in a dignified manner. A line must be drawn on what acts of venting are acceptable, and what are not. There has to be some decorum.

“Call It Maybe” crossed a line. That video is utterly deplorable, and its tone-impaired creator should be vasectomized for what he did to Aphrodite’s masterpiece. Fat, drunk, and tampering with the artwork of the GREATEST AND MOST BEAUTIFUL SINGER OF ALL TIME is no way to go through life, son.

I expect more out of you than to be peddling this kind of smut, America. Crae-Jay’s an innocent bystander in all this. There is absolutely no need to tarnish neither her godly name, nor her divine psalms of adoration and hope that springs eternal.

Just because Roger Goodell, T.J. Lang, Jerry Jones and Co. continue to find new ways to act like major leagueclowns, does not mean that you fans get to throw all restraint out the window when you’re reacting to their idiocy. Stop acting like barbaric, rabid animals. The lockout will end soon enough. Until then, for God’s sake, try to keep it classy.


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