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NF Confessions: I Ride A Longboard To Class

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This is a safe place. Within the virtual walls of this webpage, we are free from the harsh scrutiny of our peers — scrutiny to uphold the impossibly high standards of the lifestyle that our fraternity letters demand. Let your guard down. Share with us your most NF attributes, anecdotes, desires, or anything that is generally deemed NF.

Last week, we asked you guys to hit the NF confessional. Your anonymous responses are below.

  1. I own a dog that weighs less than most cats. #NFconfessions
  2. I lost my virginity when I was 14. I’m still with that same girl eight years later. She’s the only girl who has ever made skin-to-skin contact with my dick. #NFconfessions
  3. I minored in French. #NFconfessions
  4. I’m an atheist. #NFconfessions
  5. I went vegan for a year. #NFconfessions
  6. I adore cooking. #NFconfessions
  7. Also, I say “adore” sometimes. #NFconfessions
  8. I look up pictures of cute puppies whenever I miss my dogs. #NFconfessions
  9. I’m in a serious, long-distance relationship. #NFconfessions
  10. I think sipping on straight whiskey tastes horrible. #NFconfessions
  11. I voted for Obama and I don’t regret it. #NFconfessions
  12. I’m a registered Democrat. #NFconfessions
  13. I’ve only ever had a devil’s threesome. #NFconfessions
  14. I own a longboard and use it to get to class regularly. #NFconfessions
  15. I’m going to a campus play on Friday night. #NFconfessions
  16. I was turned off by a girl who wanted to suck my dick the first night we met. #NFconfessions
  17. I don’t smoke or dip, and find both to be disgusting habits. #NFconfessions
  18. I can ride a unicycle. #NFconfessions
  19. I love Gossip Girl. XOXO. #NFconfessions
  20. I gave a girl a promise ring. #NFconfessions
  21. I wish I waited for marriage to have sex for the first time. #NFconfessions
  22. I prefer relationships to one-night-stands. #NFconfessions
  23. I enjoy eating grass fed organic beef from Whole Foods. #NFconfessions
  24. I buy and drink Mangoritas more frequently than most women. #NFconfessions
  25. I never advanced past JV in high school sports. #NFconfessions
  26. I pre-ordered Halo 5. #NFconfessions
  27. I wore Nike mid-calves with Sperrys for the first month of college. #NFconfessions
  28. I bike to class and wear a bike helmet. #NFconfessions
  29. I think Trump is a dumb ass and we will be doomed if he actually gets elected. #NFconfessions
  30. I don’t like the taste of beer. I drink it only to get drunk. #NFconfessions
  31. I don’t see the point in drinking. #NFconfessions
  32. I own some joggers. #NFconfessions
  33. I still don’t know many rules about beer pong. #NFconfessions
  34. I have two moms. #NFconfessions

To confess your NF qualities and be featured on next week’s NF Confessions, submit it as a wall post. Be sure to add the hashtag #NFconfessions. All submissions will be kept anonymous.

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