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NF Confessions: I Cried After Losing My Virginity

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This is a safe place. Within the virtual walls of this webpage, we are free from the harsh scrutiny of our peers — scrutiny to uphold the impossibly high standards of the lifestyle that our fraternity letters demand. Let your guard down. Share with us your most NF attributes, anecdotes, desires, or anything that is generally deemed NF.

We asked you guys to hit the NF confessional once again. Your anonymous responses are below.

  1. I get offended by Halloween costumes. #NFconfessions
  2. I enjoy going down on girls #NFconfessions
  3. I’m proud of my French heritage. #NFConfessions
  4. I read books for fun. #NFconfessions
  5. I dip pouches. #NFconfessions
  6. I’m emotionally invested in drift racing. #NFconfessions
  7. I ride a razor scooter to class. #NFconfessions
  8. I’m in a serious relationship with another fraternity member. #NFconfessions
  9. I’m morally opposed to having pledges do me favors. I see them as equal human beings. #NFconfessions
  10. My car has a 4-cylinder engine. #NFconfessions
  11. I actually want Bernie Sanders to win. #NFconfessions
  12. I enjoy going to wine tastings. #NFconfessions
  13. I cried after losing my virginity. #NFconfessions
  14. I’m Canadian. #NFconfessions
  15. I’m a Fifth Year on this site, but I’ve never been a member of a fraternity. #NFconfessions
  16. Deep down I love wearing cargo shorts. #NFconfessions
  17. I hold my girlfriend’s hand in public. #NFconfessions
  18. I hate shotgunning and chugging beer in all forms. #NFconfessions
  19. I don’t support the Confederate flag. #NFconfessions
  20. Cargo shorts are practical af. #NFconfessions
  21. I have attended 100% of my classes so far this semester. #NFconfessions
  22. I believe using a test bank is ethically and morally reprehensible. #NFconfessions
  23. I prefer to sit near the front during lecture. #NFconfessions
  24. I think Adele’s new song is pure fire. It hits me in the feels. #NFconfessions
  25. I detest southern accents, and southern girls in general. #NFconfessions
  26. I went through a frosted tip phase. #NFconfessions
  27. I shave my arms and legs. #NFconfessions
  28. Per ritual, I have a glass of chardonnay and watch Bravo recordings every Sunday night by myself. #NFconfessions
  29. I avoid altercations and, because of this, I’ve never been in a fight. #NFconfessions
  30. I have a five date rule before hooking up with a girl. #NFconfessions
  31. Justin Bieber puts out bangers. Sorry, it’s true. #NFconfessions
  32. I’m white but I’m pretty much only attracted to black girls. #NFconfessions
  33. I believe anything over a B-cup is too big. #NFconfessions
  34. I’ve never shot a firearm of any kind. #NFconfessions
  35. I’m a pretty good dancer. #NFconfessions
  36. I’m not totally convinced the U.S. government didn’t have something to do with 9/11. #NFconfessions

To confess your NF qualities and be featured on next week’s NF Confessions, submit it as a wall post. Be sure to add the hashtag #NFconfessions. All submissions will be kept anonymous.

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