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New York High Schooler Has Made $72 Million By Trading Stocks During His Lunch Break

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Well, it looks like this one may be too good to be true. According to CNBC, the $72 million claim that was originally reported is not accurate, and the number is probably closer to a few million. It’s not a bad payday, but it isn’t quite the astronomical figure we were originally led to believe.

***Update 2***

It turns out that his earnings weren’t quite in the millions. Instead, he has earned exactly zero dollars from the stock market. According to MSN, Mohammed Islam has admitted he fabricated the entire story. He was forced to come clean after the lie spread much further than he ever anticipated.

I’m sure your career aspirations are lofty and grandiose. You often dream of earning billions and you belittle your illiterate classmates who think they’ll make something of themselves one day. You may think you’re on the right path, but a New York high school student has already earned more than most of you can even count, and he’s doing it during his school lunch breaks.

Mohammed Islam is worth an estimated $72 million. That’s a seven, a two, and six big fucking zeros trailing behind. It’s not an amount to scoff at, and it’s certainly not a number just anyone can get his hands on.

He has made all his money by trading stocks, with much of it being done during his lunch breaks at New York’s Stuyvesant High School.

He doesn’t have a license, and he isn’t allowed to move out of his house, but that hasn’t stopped Islam from throwing cash at shit he can’t even use. It’s only pocket change, after all.

From NY Post:

Islam bought himself a BMW but doesn’t have a license to drive it. And he rented a Manhattan apartment, though his parents, immigrants from the Bengal region of South Asia, won’t let him move out of the house yet.

$72 million is a lot of dollar bills. Hell, you could probably purchase both Dakotas and half of Montana with that level of funding. That doesn’t mean he is content, however. Complacency is how peasants became peasants, and he isn’t about to let himself fall off the path to a trillion.

The prodigy is far from where he dreams to be. By next year, Islam and his two friends plan on being the proud owner of more than $1 billion dollars.

The three pals intend to make a billion dollars by next year. All while attending college. “But it’s not just about the money,” Islam told the mag, which ranked his spectacular success story as No. 12 in its 10th annual “Reasons to Love New York” issue.

Just imagine the snatch that guy has getting thrown at him. In the world of a man worth tens of millions, dimes are plentiful.

[via NY Post]

Image via Wikimedia Commons

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