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New York Daily News Reporter Who Got PTSD From Shooting An AR-15 Proudly Says He’s Not Masculine

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My high school English teachers taught me that a great way to start an essay was with a definition, so:

Fear mongering – the action of deliberately and needlessly arousing public fear about a particular issue.

And my teachers said I wouldn’t amount to anything in my life.

Now, as an Orlando native, there is really nothing that grinds my gears more than this sensationalist media bias that is taking advantage of recent tragedies to further polarize the agenda on firearm legislation. In plain terms, these national media outlets are fear mongering and further driving the wedge issues to divide our great nation. It’s shameful.

But Gersh Kuntzman, a rather appropriate name in my opinion, clearly has no sense of the word shame. We all know the story: Kuntzman took an AR-15 that was possessed by Satan himself and apparently loaded with a thousand rounds of 900-grain, .600 Nitro Express, and unleashed fully automatic fury in the back of a Pennsylvania gun range, resulting in Kuntzman’s acquisition of PTSD and a bruised vagina.

After experiencing real blowback from an educated audience, Kuntzman once again took to the interwebs, this time bringing feminism into the fold.

From American Military News:

“If masculinity is defined by the power to commit violence on a wide scale, I proudly choose femininity.”

Firstly, making such sweeping generalizations and then hiding behind the skirts of “femininity” is one of the worst attempts at qualifying your work (and your hypogonadism) and is, in fact, a logical fallacy known to people with brain cells as the “straw man fallacy.” The fact that a drunken college student can call you out on that is a true testament to your “adroit” journalistic abilities. Attempting to justify your work by using buzzwords linked to social rights movements rather than by manning up to your yellow journalism really shows how cowardly you are.

Secondly, you’re a schmuck.

On a brief aside, I’m sorry to all my ladies, but this is why nobody takes feminism seriously. The “champions of your cause” incorrectly define masculinity as shooting innocents.

I’d like to clarify, the reason why we are all calling Kuntzman a bitch isn’t because of his hostile revulsion to firearms — my own parents are refugees of a civil war and are reasonably indisposed to owning a gun. We are calling Kuntzman a bitch because he has sacrificed the truest qualities of masculinity: integrity and honesty. This guy is literally pulling shit out of his ass in order to get on some kind of self-righteous high horse. Kuntzman is an insult to femininity and his propaganda is dishonest, ill-contrived, and unprofessional. This is something I expect to see from a freshman bullshitting his way through “German Polka Dancing” to satisfy his lower-level humanities requirement, not a paid journalist for the New York Daily News. Admittedly, I’m no Leo Tolstoy with my own writing, but I’m not pandering to the bipartisan media that perpetuates ignorance with radical and misinformed claims.

Excuse my rant, I can summarize all of that in one sentence: Fire Gersh Kuntzman, he makes the New York Daily News a complete joke. And remember, gentlemen: it’s your responsibility to prevent more of this crap from making the rounds throughout society. Inform yourselves fully and fuck the liberals.


[via American Military News]

Image via YouTube

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