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New University of Minnesota Administrator Actually Wants More Students To Go Greek…WHAT!?!

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What the what? This is a trap, right? It’s a trick, isn’t it? You get a ton of students to rush houses, the parties will get huge, and then you’ll kick the fraternities off campus so you can use their houses for vegan communes! I’VE FIGURED YOU OUT!

Sorry, I’m just a little suspicious of an administration that doesn’t at least passively hate Greek Life. So I guess now the question is, University of Minnesota students: why in the hell aren’t more of you rushing? I can’t decide if this means the incoming administrator, Danita Brown, the new vice provost of student affairs, is simply that awesome, or if the young people of Minnesota so overwhelmingly prefer to be geeds. Probably a little of both. Regardless, it’s refreshing to hear about a university official working to actively expand the student involvement in the school’s most productive organizations. It’s also really sad that this qualifies as “refreshing” news. You’d think it would make sense to nurture and expand Greek Life at most schools, but then again, the people who run colleges tend to be assholes.

But one area she will address is fraternity and sorority life at the University, she said, namely by looking at why such a high percentage of the student population chooses not to be part of those organizations and working to increase those numbers.

As an active sorority member who wrote her dissertation on the leadership behaviors of members of the greek system, Brown said she believes in the underlying service, scholarship and leadership principles of fraternity and sorority life.

Cherish Danita Brown, Minnesota Greeks, cherish her. It’s not often you get someone from the student affairs office who is on your side. Here’s hoping the University of Minnesota is like 75% Greek by the end of Brown’s tenure.

[via Minnesota Daily]


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