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New Research Study Suggests Smoking A Joint A Day Will Keep The Doctor Away

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New Research Study Suggests Smoking Joint A Day Will Keep The Doctor Away

Well, this study doesn’t say that toking up has the potential to make you healthier than you already are, but it does conclude that daily, but not chronic, pot smoking doesn’t have a detrimental impact on your health over time.

From the NY Daily News:

Smoking a joint every day for 20 years does not result in adverse lung functions or significantly threaten disease, according to research conducted at Emory University in Atlanta.

The study will be featured in an upcoming issue of the medical journal Annals of the American Thoracic Society.

Researchers studied a cross-section of adults aged 18 to 49 and determined that daily marijuana use over 20 years did not significantly harm a person’s ability to exhale at a normal rate, which is a key determining factor in identifying lung disease.

“Lifetime marijuana use up to 20 joint-years is not associated with adverse changes in spirometric (exhalation strength) measures of lung health,” the study said.

Listen, if you’ve smoked a joint every day for the last 20 years, you’re probably an incredibly interesting person to meet, and I’m convinced you’re still following the Grateful Dead around on tour. The good news is that your lungs, according to this new information, are still quite healthy and intact. That’s a great thing.

Whether it’s because marijuana is supposedly naturally free of all the harmful additives usually associated with tobacco and cigarettes or because pot smokers have a tendency to hold in their hit, thus indirectly giving their lungs a workout, the new findings out of Emory are surely welcome news for the casual smokers.

Obviously, if you puff like a chimney day in and day out, regardless of what your medium is, you’re probably going to get sick in some form or fashion. But, it’s good to know that a casual J to take off the edge after work gets two thumbs up from some pretty esteemed folks in the medical community. I totally take solace in knowing I’m not at risk of contracting emphysema or some other similar, scary disease.

In fact, I’m going to celebrate this groundbreaking bulletin big time tonight. Cue the Styles P.

[via NY Daily News]

Image via Shutterstock

h/t @CertifiedJOLO

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