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New Protein Rich Beer Available, Could Change Your Post-Workout Routine Forever

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I’ve always enjoyed a post-workout beer. Sure, it may dehydrate you and it may, according to people who actually care about their health, impede the “protein synthesis” process, but it’s good. In my completely unscientific opinion, there’s nothing better to drink. But what if you could drink a beer that actually helps you post-workout? There’s now a beer on the shelves that will do just that.

Might Squirrel, a protein packed beer, is now available in Boston, and it’s going fast. In fact, it sold out within 24 hours of hitting shelves. The beer, which comes in two varieties, a Vienna style lager and a light lager, contains five grams of protein. While that’s by no means a huge amount a protein, it’s more than double what you’d find in your average beer.

Though it’s only available in a small area right now, I wouldn’t be too surprised to see this beer’s territory expand. For whatever reason, people are all about health right now. It’s apparently the new thing? There are already organic beers and gluten-free beers, so why not throw a protein packed beer into the mix, too?

For those of you into lifting, this beer could be a game changer. Rather than worrying about protein powders and post-workout shakes, you could just pregame for your evening festivities by drinking a six-pack of protein packed beer. It’s a pretty exciting time to be alive, guys.

Personally, this beer isn’t really my thing. I’m not a big lifter, nor do I really care enough about my protein intake to make sure everything I eat has extra protein crammed in it. Besides, with the amount of red meat I consume, I’m pretty sure I’m getting all the protein I need. Still, my curiosity always gets the better of me. If I happen to find this beer, I’ll give it a shot. Given my lifestyle, it may be the healthiest thing I do all day.

[via BostInno]

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