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New Jersey Bars Selling Rubbing Alcohol As Liquor

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Everyone knows that the cheap rail liquor at bars is essentially just rubbing alcohol. Now, thanks to a yearlong investigation in New Jersey, there’s evidence to show that even top shelf liquor is just rubbing alcohol—literally.

Twenty-nine bars and restaurants in New Jersey, including 13 TGI Fridays, have been accused of either putting cheaper liquor in top-shelf bottles, or in some cases, filling bottles with rubbing alcohol and caramel coloring. At least one bar filled half-empty liquor bottles with dirty water. This, of course, watered down the liquor and led it to be highly unsanitary.

The investigation, dubbed “Operation Swill” by the creative geniuses at the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office, led to the collection of 1,000 open bottles of various liquors. These bottles, as well as samples taken by investigators who ordered drinks at the bar, were tested to determine their content.

The state began Operation Swill after receiving an unusually high number of complains about mislabeled drinks. Still, you know someone kept drinking their caramel colored rubbing alcohol that they thought was scotch just because they didn’t want to look like a bitch.

Undercover inspectors, who got paid to go to bars, sampled brands such as Grey Goose, Ketel One, Johnny Walker Black, Dewar’s, and Jose Cuervo Silver and Gold. The inspectors found that of the samples collected, 20% were not the brand the bars claimed them to be.

Are these bar owners stupid? That move may have worked in high school when you wanted to be cool so you filled an empty Maker’s bottle with Colonel’s Pride, but not now. Seriously, you’re supposed to be professionals.

While several TGI Fridays, an Applebee’s, and a Ruby Tuesday restaurant were all busted, no Chili’s restaurants have been indicted as of this morning.

[via The Daily Mail]


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