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NCAA Gets Mad At Student-Athlete Because God Forbid He Make Money In Any Way, Shape, Or Form

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ncaa student-athlete money

The way I’ve always seen it, NCAA athletes and fraternity members are frenemies. There’s no animosity or conflict between them; heck, they seem to cheer each other on a hell of a lot. But while these two groups of people do get along, they don’t necessarily mix.

I’m only speaking from personal experience, but I went to a college where most guys either joined a fraternity or played a sport; very rarely, if ever, did someone do both. I do know that there are schools where it’s very common for people to do both; I don’t know, maybe it’s a D-1 thing.

As someone who chose the fraternity route, I still maintain solidarity with student-athletes (they’re the only GDIs whose company I tend to actually enjoy). One issue of theirs that really grinds my gears is how the NCAA tracks down and goes after every student-athlete that makes money. At first, it kind of made sense to me; if you’re getting a scholarship to go to a school for which others pay tens of thousands, why should you get paid as well?

But then, I found out about how the NCAA looks for the slightest little reasons to disqualify kids when it comes to money. Oh, you didn’t get the shittiest meal plan? Gotta investigate that. School gave you a gift for winning a national championship? Gotta investigate that. Own your own company, promote said company on YouTube, and use that same YouTube account to talk about being an NCAA track athlete? Well…

From Dallas News:

The A&M athletic department is working with the NCAA regarding the status of freshman Ryan Trahan, a cross country and track and field athlete who owns a water bottle company and a YouTube account of more than 14,000 subscribers.

As far as I can tell, Ryan’s not being all, “Buy my water bottles because I run track for Texas A&M!” It appears as if the NCAA is throwing this hissy fit because the bottles and A&M share the common denominator of Ryan Trahan being involved with both, with his YouTube channel being where they cross paths in a manner they dislike. In addition, with regards to his eligibility…

From Dallas News:

Trahan said he has to give up one of two things on social media — references to his company, Neptune Bottle, or references or posts about being an athlete at A&M.

“These are the two biggest things in my life,” Trahan said. “They’re asking me to throw one out the window, essentially.”

NCAA, calm down. This kid is doing good for himself, owning his own company and shit. He’s a hell of a lot more successful and productive than I was at his age (and than I am at my current age). Encourage the kid; don’t make him choose one or the other. Maybe even check out his website, buy a bottle or two. Trahan may be a student-athlete, but he’s one with a pretty successful business plan that you shouldn’t squander for no reason.

The NCAA will never run out of things to get mad at student-athletes for when it comes to money. What’s next? Are they going to start getting mad at student-athletes who have part-time jobs on the side or in the offseason? “Oh you have a summer job caddying at a golf course? Say goodbye to that football scholarship!”

College kids are broke as it is, and some are in desperate need of extra money to make ends meet. As long as they’re not directly profiting off playing college sports, what’s the big deal? Oh right, there isn’t one.

[via Dallas News]

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