NCAA Bends SMU Over Again

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NCAA Bends SMU Over And Gives It To 'Em Raw, Again

The NCAA hates SMU. That’s a fact. Whatever we said about NCAA President Mark Emmert’s mom really stung and he’s got a personal vendetta against the poor Mustangs. Last season, it was discovered that SG Keith Frazier received some academic help from then-assistant coach Ulric Maligi to be able to play at SMU. Frazier was suspended for the year, and Maligi was fired immediately. Frazier was then reinstated by the NCAA this past August.

All good, right? Fire the coach who was responsible, suspend the kid until he can become academically eligible, and get on with the new year. Nope, the NCAA decided that since Larry Brown didn’t know it was happening, the whole squad should get fucked over.

From ESPN:

The NCAA has banned SMU from 2016 postseason play and has suspended Larry Brown for 30 percent of the team’s games this season because of a lack of head coach control, a source close to the situation said.

The 30 percent ban for Brown means he will miss nine games total. The school also will be hit with nine scholarship losses over the next three years, a source said, although it was two below the limit this past season. SMU also will be placed on three years’ probation.

SMU can appeal the NCAA’s decision. And they should because this kind of tyranny will not stand.

How many times can the NCAA bend SMU over and give it to us raw? First our basketball team was snubbed in 2014. Next, our 2015 season ended with an egregious call.

If you think that was goaltending, I refer you to rule 9-17.5 of the NCAA rulebook that will prove you wrong. And if you think that ball had a shot of going in, you need to take some physics classes.

Let’s not forget the whole death penalty thing from the ’80s. Were we in the wrong? That’s up for interpretation, because in the grand scheme of things, was giving players sex and money really that bad?

I’m so salty right now, and I don’t even care. Fuck off, NCAA.

[via ESPN]

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