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Navy Rear Admiral Removed After Getting Trashed And Wandering His Hotel Naked

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Navy Rear Admiral Removed After Getting Trashed And Wandering His Hotel Naked

It was my sophomore year. I awoke on the chapter’s pool table completely naked after attending a tacky Christmas party the night before. I was wearing nothing but one sock, a belt, and a Santa Claus hat. I wasn’t wearing a shirt, pants, or underwear, but I had a belt fastened around my waist. I also didn’t wear a belt out that night. To this day it’s still a mystery to me, but shit happens, and thankfully my embarrassing lack of responsibilities saved me from any trouble stemming from that night. My point is this: We’ve all been there, but when you’re a Rear Admiral in the United States Navy, it’s tough to snake your way out of a similar incident, especially when they have video evidence.

Rear Adm. David Baucom made the mistake of attending the National Defense Transportation Association’s Transportation Advisory Board conference in April. While there, he consumed enough intoxicating substances to destroy his inhibitions, which eventually left him searching for a job after the Navy recently removed him from his position as Director of Strategy, Policy, Capabilities, and Logistics at U.S. Transportation Command.

It all started at a dinner with 70 other attendees. The Rear Admiral drank a bit of everything before going all in on the scotch, a bold move that had horrible repercussions.

From Navy Times:

According to the investigation, Baucom was attending a meeting of defense transportation senior officers and executives as part of a TRANSCOM delegation.

Baucom allegedly drank at least part of a gin and tonic, two glasses of wine with dinner and a scotch after dinner at the bar. Then a group of attendees went to another bar at the center compound where he allegedly ordered four more scotch whiskeys over two hours.

During this time, at least one of his fellow attendees offered to take him back to his room, but he made clear he was not going back.

At this point in the night, he was likely to catch shit from colleagues for his behavior, but he hadn’t yet reached the level of blackout that would render him without clothes… and a job.

At several points in the evening, security camera footage shows Baucom stumbling, at one point hitting his head on a bar stool. At 1:30 a.m., a hotel employee drove Baucom to his room about half a mile away.

While in his room, Baucom took his clothes off, showered and got ready for the next day. He also took prescription medications, which can cause drowsiness and dizziness when mixed with alcohol. Baucom told investigators that he awoke in the night from a deep sleep and thought he was entering a bathroom, but was in fact exiting his room.

At around 5:45 a.m., he was observed walking around without clothes on, apparently disoriented and seeking a towel to cover up with.

Society will put up with a lot. It’s 2015, after all. Just about anything flies now. The one thing America has yet to embrace is nudity, and that’s where Rear Adm. Baucom found his downfall. At 56 years old, there’s not a person in that building who wanted to see him wander the lobby with his little sailor and seamen leading the way. A hot 20-year-old likely could’ve found herself in a better situation, but no 56-year-old man has a shot in hell at dodging those allegations. With video evidence to back witness statements, his 34-year career had been torpedoed. It was over.

Baucom blames the night on a combination of heavy drinking mixed with prescription medications. He has since given up hard alcohol and even attended rehab, but the damage was done and the Navy was having none of his excuses.

It’s the stories like these that make me thank God I have nobody to answer to.

[via Navy Times]

Image via Navy

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