In Celebration of National Beer Day, 3 Drinking Heroes And 6 Beer Records That Will Never Fall

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April 7th, otherwise known as National Beer Day, is not only a celebration commemorating the end of prohibition in 1933, but also a celebration of the day that America got its balls back. While the standard methods of celebration are fairly obvious, one can never have enough knowledge and appreciate for this fine beverage. As a result, the following are a number beer related records, heroes, and key moments in overall beer history.

Beer Heroes and Memorable Events

Wade Boggs

As the story goes, the Hall of Fame third baseman opted to pass the time during one his cross-country flights by embarking on his famed Miller Lite binge drinking excursion, during he allegedly threw back 64 beers. While this feat may seem nearly impossible, Jeff Nelson, a former teammate of Boggs’ claims that the legend of the Miller Lite Marathon is not just one isolated event, this occurred on almost every team flight.

Andre The Giant

Coming in at a beefy 7’4”, 550lbs, it is not surprising that this man could drink like a fucking fish. In an interview with David Letterman, the big guy admitted to downing 119 beers in a single session. He also allegedly told an anesthesiologist during surgery one time that it takes about “two liters of vodka before he feels warm.” Mike Graham, a WWE colleague of Andre’s also asserts that he witnessed him drink an astounding 156 beers in a single night. That amount of alcohol is equivalent to:

• A keg, a 30 rack, and two beers.
• 32 Bottles of Wine.
• 10 Bottles of Jack Daniels.
• Or 65 shots of Everclear.

Steven Petrosino

A lesser known name on the list, however this man currently hold the world record for beer chugging. The man somehow managed to drink a liter of beer in only 1.3 seconds. Hats off to you my friend.

Beer Related Records

Largest Glass of Beer

Located at a hotel in Yorkshire, England, the glass contains the equivalent of 3,664 pints of beer.

Most Bottle Caps Removed with Teeth in 60 Seconds

68 bottle caps, accomplished by Muarli K.C. of India.

World’s Most Expensive Individual Bottle

Pulled from the fiery wreckage of the Hindenburg, an individual bottle of Lowebrau lager sold for $16,000 in 1937.

World’s Oldest Brewery

Weihenstephan, founded in 725.

Largest Beer Bottle Collection

Owned by Ron Werner, the world’s largest collection of beer bottles consists of 25,866 bottles.

World’s Strongest Beer

“The End of History” – Brewed by BrewDog is Fraserburgh, Scotland, this beer has an alcohol volume of 55% and sold for around $1,130 per bottle. Also, a subtle detail worth mentioning, the bottles themselves were packaged in a taxidermied squirrels.

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