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“Naked Ninja” Escapes Multiple Police Tasers, Breaks Cop’s Jaw Before Sprinting Down Street

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I have no idea where or when this incident took place, but the man in question, who police failed to detain at first, is being heralded on Facebook as the “Naked Ninja.” I’m unsure what drug(s) he was on, but I definitely wouldn’t rule out bath salts, PCP, LSD, or the trifecta of all three. His attempt at resisting arrest probably has Bruce Lee rolling over in his grave.

What a beast.

He straight up CLOCKS one officer in the jaw after being tased three times in 12 seconds, then he pulls off a perfectly executed backward somersault-to-handspring. Then he tosses another officer into a building before taking off in a dead sprint down the street. Naked.

From the sound of the impact, I’m definitely going to say the officer sustained a fractured jaw.

Despite the Naked Ninja’s Jackie Chan-like moves, and probably fortunately for society, I’m guessing he didn’t get away. It looks as if he took a spill toward the end of the video. He was on enough drugs to think he was part of a scene from “Rush Hour 2,” but that doesn’t mean he knew which way was up once he started running.

He might have a future as a stuntman after he gets all of his legal problems sorted out, but I think there might also be some other personal demons that he needs to tame, too.

[via YouTube]

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