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Mugsy Jeans Feel Like Sweatpants, Look Like Jeans, And Make My Balls Feel Great

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I had the option of either writing this ad blind, without getting to wear a pair of Mugsy Jeans first, or waiting a few days so they could send me some to try out. Option A is like endorsing a car you haven’t driven, or a scotch you haven’t tasted.

I opted for the jeans. That way I could get some firsthand experience with them. Always go for the merch. Always. Get your hands on it. Wear it. See how it feels against your skin. The room your balls have in them. How they move and flex and stretch. How they look in the mirror paired with your go-to sleds. How they make your ass pop.

And so I did. Turns out Mugsy jeans check out. They sent me the Kinzies.


So Mugsy advertises (some paraphrasing coming up) that their jeans are A) stretchy as shit, B) comfortable as fuck, and C) have plenty of room for your balls. Check, check, and double check. “No more ‘balls in a vice,'” they say. They don’t lie.

Here’s the stretch, shown on their Hamm’s:


Like I said, they feel like sweatpants. The most comfortable jeans I’ve ever worn. No bullshit. There’d be some truth in advertising violation thing that I’d be breaking if that was a lie, and I’m not trying to mess with all that. Think about it.

I can also confirm my balls are not in a vice in these things. Plenty of ball room. My balls are happy. Happy balls. You trying to do some wall sits? Do some wall sits then. Because these things have all the flex.


Let Mugsy Jeans founder Leo explain it all to you and be prepared to #FreeYourBalls.

There you have it. Style, comfort, and plenty of room for your balls. And the breakdown, if you’re more of a visual person:


My ass is popping, my balls are free to move about, I’m comfortable, and I look fantastic. And for under 100 bucks? Oh come the fuck on.

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Dillon Cheverere

Dillon Cheverere (@DCheverere) is the Vice President of Media for Grandex, Inc. Email:

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