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Moronic Taxi Association President Compares Uber To ISIS, Is Not A Master Of Public Relations

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Nothing makes me smile like watching taxi cab drivers suffer.

Cabs are terrible. From their shitty three-hubcapped Crown-Vics to their torn leather seats and pungent odors, cabbies have taken a pride-less profession and made it even worse by refusing to hold themselves to any kind of social standard.

Cities like Austin, where corrupt politicians helped create an oligopoly for cab companies, have restricted supply and left locals fucked when moving from Point A to Point B while demand is high. When you hail a cab in Austin, instead of unlocking the door, the cabbie asks you where you want to go. If he thinks he’ll find a higher fare with a different passenger, he’ll drive away–leaving you drunk and abandoned at the bars, primed and ready to get robbed and molested by the nearest homeless man.

Then came the startups.

Uber (and Uber’s generic brand little brother, Lyft) realized that regular people could do the super easy job that cabbies do, in their own cars, for a little extra money on the side. No more dealing with angry cab drivers who would rather be paid with cash than card. No more listening to late-night international phone calls on the cabbie’s bluetooth. No more obligatory tipping for a service that doesn’t even deserve the total fare charged.

Suddenly, hundreds of competent adults were being contracted by these tech companies to provide transportation to and from the bars, to the airport, or to wherever people needed to go.

And the cab companies got pissed as hell.

Pennsylvania Taxi Association President and likely community college degree-holder Alex Friedman took a hard stance against Uber and Lyft, making a comparison that can only be described as certifiably psychotic.


“I try to equate this illegal operation of UberX as a terroristic act like ISIS invading the Middle East,” Alex Friedman said. “It is exactly the same menace.”

Try as you must, but fail, sir.

Let’s compare the two. ISIS is a violent, terroristic organization that has tried to take control of countries through insurgency, which has resulted in hundreds of beheadings and deaths across the Middle East. Uber is a ride-sharing company that gives consenting commuters rides around town in exchange for a small amount of money. I assume in this scenario that Lyft is Al-Qaeda, a less prominent but equally dangerous entity, but Friedman didn’t specify, so I’ll leave it alone.

Friedman, an idiot, appears as clueless and inept as the profession he represents. Unfortunately, the nature of the cab industry, which has never been demonized simply because there has never been an alternative, is getting railed for attempting to eradicate its tech-friendly competition.

Keep complaining, cabbies, and get those résumés updated, too, as your stupid, shitty jobs will be obsolete in a few years.


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