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MMA Fighter Tells Random Guy To Google His Name, Random Guy Knocks His Ass To The Floor

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Excuse me while I soak in all the irony.

Mixed Martial Arts fighter Cody Gibson, who is known in the community as “The Renegade,” got nailed square in the face at a Las Vegas bar last weekend after telling a random dude, “Google me, bitch.”

The random guy wasn’t going to take shit from some no-name MMA douchebag, so he offered up a right hook that sent Gibson to the floor. It escalated when Gibson composed himself before charging at the guy and bodyslamming him. The two brawled for a short time before they were separated.

Here is a video of the fight, which appears to be shot on one of the last remaining Nokia flip phones in service:

Gibson told Sherdog Radio he immediately became worried he was going to lose his MMA job because of a stupid bar fight:

“When I woke up this morning, I definitely had that pit in the bottom of my stomach, like, ‘Holy crap. Could I be that guy?’ You know, who gets fired over some stupid stuff. I didn’t think that it would be on TMZ… I have 1,800 followers on Twitter. I’m not [Clayton] Kershaw. I’m not [Derek] Jeter.

If anything, Gibson should be fired for bringing shame to the entire MMA community. When a professional fighter gets pummeled by some random drunk dude at a bar, you know the MMA is in a bad state. There is no way for the MMA to spin it–one of its fighters is kind of a bitch. It only adds to the hysteria that Gibson prefaced his fate by uttering one of the lamest phrases anybody of no-to-low significance can say: “Google me.”

Had the random guy actually taken the time to run an internet search on him, he would’ve seen that only hours before, Gibson lost to Manvel Gamburyan at the MGM Grand at UFC 178. Although, it’s probably safe to say that this fight had to be the low point of Gibson’s career.

[via Daily Mail]

Image via YouTube

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