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Mizzou’s Delta Gamma Has “Very Nice Butts,” According To This Old Guy Who Is Now Facing Heat

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One of the obvious perks about getting old — and there aren’t many — is that you can get away with saying pretty much anything you want without repercussion. It’s basically why you get old — no more nine to five, you get to dress however you want, and you get to say crazy, inappropriate shit and we all think it’s hilarious. People just brush off and let you skate by because “fuck it, he’s old.”

Frederick Berry, the 69-year-old (lol) GOP chairman of the Columbia Pachyderm Club, is on the age cusp where inappropriate comments are acceptable or not. Sixty-nine is old, but is it “Let this motherfucker say anything he wants because his mind is mush and who knows how much longer he has left” old? Not sure. Like I said, it’s a cusp age.

Fred, while walking behind Mizzou’s Delta Gamma sorority in their homecoming parade last weekend, tweeted about the girls having “VNB’s,” which apparently is an acronym for “very nice butts.” His tweet, still live on Twitter because he’s old and doesn’t know better or likely how to even delete it, is below.

A local Democratic club is now calling for his resignation because of the tweet, per the Riverfront Times.

Praise for a Mizzou sorority’s “very nice butts” has a local Republican bigwig in hot water, with a campus Democratic club calling for his ouster — and for his organization to be banned from future homecoming events.

Frederick Berry, a previous candidate for the Missouri House and current chairman of the Columbia Pachyderm Club, was apparently walking in the University of Missouri’s homecoming parade just behind the Delta Gamma sorority when he paused to tweet how much he enjoyed the view.

I think it’s pretty clear that Freddy intended no offense with this comment. You have to consider the generational gap here. He’s not ingrained in our current ass-obsessed culture. He’s out of touch. He’s old. I mean the guy used “VNB.” The “B” is for butt. “Butt” is what you say when there are no sexual undertones. Ass = sexual undertones. Butt = that thing you sit on.

As he explained to the Columbia Daily Tribune, the comment was innocent.

“You can tell by the way they are walking. You can see all the muscles there.’” “VNB” was a comment “on their obvious athletic build,” Berry said.

Let Freddy do his thing, man. Have a heart. Don’t get him fired for harmlessly complimenting some 20-year-old Delta Gamma butts. Besides, Mizzou’s Delta Gamma DOES have some nice butts, Fred. I got your back, old homie.

[via Riverfront Times]

Image via Twitter/ @berryfs

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