Resilient Missouri State Student Refuses To Let An Accidental Left Swipe Stop Him From Finding His Tinderella

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Every week, my esteemed colleague Jared brings you the wildest Tinder pickup lines being used by college kids across the country. Most of these people are just clamoring to get laid, and they will say anything to do so. The attempts range from funny, to strange, to just downright morbid.

But what all of those people have in common is that they took the first step and swiped right, allowing themselves the opportunity to hurl a barrage of absurdities at the other person. Sometimes in the heat of the moment, while feverishly swiping along, one can make mistakes. Instead of making the glorious swipe right, you make a fatal mistake and go left on what could be your potential dream girl. This very scenario happened to a Missouri State student recently.

However, with only a first name to go on, that student didn’t just give up. Instead, he made a savvy maneuver to track down his dream girl by sending a mass email to every girl with that name on his entire campus.

Persistence, determination, courage: this guy Hayden has it all. It takes balls to put yourself out there like that, and the craziest thing is that it worked. Hayden found the profile that fit his modern day Cinderella. The fact that Claudia even took the time to admire his crusade is evidence enough of his success.

By the rules of the internet, I would surmise that these two lovebirds have to go on a date, right? If not at least for the clicks? You can’t go this viral and have the story end here. Fuck a royal wedding, this is the type of true love we should all be rooting for. There’s something so authentic and pure about it; brings a tear to my eye.

If this isn’t the plot of the next Nicholas Sparks movie, it will be a shame. Finally, a rom-com that a chick wouldn’t have to drag me to. This story is my Notebook.

Claudia and Hayden, the internet needs more info on how this turned out. And to Hayden — on behalf of guys everywhere — good luck, my dude.

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