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Missouri Bank President Pulls Gun on Bank Robber, Captures Him For Police

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David Thompson is the president of a bank in Troy, Missouri. He’s a simple man, and every morning he has the same routine (probably). Wake up, drink coffee, eat breakfast, get dressed, and leave for work. Of course before he leaves his home he makes sure he has a few things with him. Wallet? Check. Phone? Check. Keys? Check. Concealed weapon? Check motherfucker. A giant pair of brass balls dangling between his legs? Oh definitely.

Fortunately for Thompson he doesn’t usually have a need for the last two, but some days you just never know. Yesterday was one of those days.

David W. Thompson, the president of a Troy bank, was in his office Tuesday afternoon talking with a salesman about advertising when his receptionist buzzed him with an emergency.

“David, we’ve got a problem,” she told him.

Thompson said he looked out his office window into the bank lobby of Peoples Bank & Trust. He saw that his tellers looked fearful. And he saw a man wearing a heavy jacket and a ghoulish Halloween zombie-style mask calmly walk away from the tellers, carrying one of the bank’s money bags.

Thompson, 58, followed the man outside, onto the parking lot, and locked the bank door behind him.

Thompson let the robber get to his truck — then Thompson pulled his personal handgun, a Colt .380 pistol, and pointed it at the robber’s face before he could drive away, he told the Post-Dispatch.

“Sir, get out of the truck,” Thompson remembers demanding. “You’re not going anywhere.”

And when the man put his hand in his jacket pocket, as if he had a weapon, Thompson scolded him again.

“You don’t want to go there,” Thompson implored. “This will end badly.”

Before the man even got out of the car ANOTHER bank employee came out with a gun of his own. At that point the bank robber was forced to get out of the vehicle and was subdued by Thompson and the other employee. Police arrived roughly a minute later, no doubt finding a yawning Thompson, arms outstretched and gun in one hand, standing over the meth addicted thief. As it would turn out, the robber didn’t even have a gun but rather was just pretending to have one.

Isn’t that just like a meth addict? Brings a hallucinated gun to a real gunfight.

Still, Thompson didn’t know the man was unarmed until after he was arrested. So was Thompson at all nervous to confront the man?

Thompson said his own training kicked in, too, and he knew to let the robber get outside — so his workers were safe —and to lock the door behind him. He wasn’t scared. Mad is more like it, he said.

“I didn’t have time to get scared,” Thompson said. “I was excited. Your adrenaline pumps. He robbed a bank, he menaced my employees — and I don’t allow that,” said Thompson, a life member of the National Rifle Association who proudly supports conceal-carry laws.

Let it be known: David Thompson does not allow crazed hillbillies in zombie masks to rob his bank. If they try, he might shoot them. Guy runs a tight ship.

After a long day of doing bank stuff and fighting crime Thompson came home to a well deserved reward.

When he got home Tuesday night, his wife ordered him a “victory pizza. ” He was so giddy from nabbing the bandit that he didn’t get to sleep until about 1 a.m. Wednesday.

It better have been Imo’s, dammit. He caught a bank robber, Domino’s isn’t going to cut it. Also I have a feeling Thompson will be using the phrase “you shoulda seen it” quite a few times over the next couple of weeks. Deservedly so.



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