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Miserable Social Justice Group Says Veterans Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Attend College

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veteran graveyard

Apparently there’s a letter going around University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) that advocates for banning veterans from attending four-year universities.

You read that right. What? Why? What reason could somebody possibly have to want to keep veterans from getting a college education?

Because they don’t create a safe space for LGBTQ students.

From KKTV Colorado Springs:

The article says veterans should be banned from UCCS and other four-year colleges. It also generalizes veterans and says they are unsympathetic to the LGBTQ community. The article says all veterans have far right-wing ideologies.

The newsletter is titled “Social Justice Collective Weekly” and says it is the first issue. A spokesperson for UCCS said the newsletter has nothing to do with the school and does not represent the institution’s views. However, it was reportedly approved by the university and posted on a bulletin board. The school says anyone is allowed to post items on the board.

The school chancellor swiftly made a statement condemning the message and reminding the authors that discrimination against veterans is illegal. Of course, because this is a university we’re talking about here, they also made sure to point out the authors have a right to say whatever they want under the First Amendment. I believe the university hasn’t been taking the notice down despite the fact that it is legally discriminatory, but individual students sure have. Good for them.

My thoughts on this: having the gall to say that veterans shouldn’t be welcome on campus because their presence makes LGBTQ students feel uncomfortable is absolutely disgusting.

But before you throw your phone out the window and go rage in the comments, I’m thinking there’s a good chance this particular letter isn’t real. The title sounds made up, and the letter goes on to compare veterans to “white supremacists,” which is really kind of extreme even for whatever hypothetical left-wing hate group was supposed to have posted it. Somebody is trying to get some sort of reaction.

So why I’m still covering this is A) It might be real, and B) There’s a reason this kind of thing is believable.

There actually are many students who view veterans negatively and truly don’t feel safe around them despite the fact that many veterans are some of the friendliest, most giving, and deeply altruistic people on campus, having full understanding of the sacrifice that they made to get there and how much education and freedom are worth.

There is something about the military that has them being unfairly called aggressive, violent, and intimidating in the classroom, though. And students on the far left have become increasingly hostile and exclusionary to everyone who is not them, creating deeply divided and unfriendly campuses.

While not everyone is going to post up an extremely inflammatory notice all over the school, there are many people who feel intimidated by veterans in private.

Real or not, the message of this note is clear: we can’t let safe spaces and sterilization of the college environment tear us apart anymore. And we shouldn’t stand for it.

[via KKTV Colorado Springs]

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