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Michael Phelps’ Ex-Girlfriend Who Used To Have A Big Ol’ Dong Goes Nuts On Him In Facebook Post

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Michael Phelps is having one hell of a great week. His number of gold medals has gone up to 21, further cementing his status as the greatest Olympian of all time, and he got some sweet, sweet revenge on his bitter rival, South African swimmer Chad le Clos, in an epic movie-like moment. The man is a real life superhero.

But not everyone is happy with Mike, as is evidenced by an ex-girlfriend who just from 0 to 100 on her Facebook page. Taylor Lianne Chandler (she was the one who was born with a penis) recently ranted on social media about Michael’s shenanigans, saying that she’s not a fan of the man and that his superstardom has negatively affected her mental health.

The fame hungry, angry woman posted an insanely long, melodramatic attack on the swimmer that has TL;DR written all over it. The thing is practically a novel with name drops galore. Here’s the whole thing in all its glory:

That’s how the rant begins. In case you don’t click “see more,” it goes on to drop more names, throw out more accusations of womanizing and infidelity, and mentions a DUI that Phelps got a couple years ago. Taylor has seemingly tried to gain a lot of public traction for her relationship with the athlete. She even starred in a porno based off of her relationship with him (seriously) and won an AVA Award for it (they’re like the Oscars for dick flicks).

In my personal opinion, if Phelps hurt her, she has every right to be upset — but she should handle it privately. Posting paragraphs about it on Facebook feels immature and unnecessary. I don’t wanna jump to conclusions and say she’s desperately clinging to her loose association with him in an attempt to ride her way to the fame train, but come on, man.

Either way, I don’t care about Michael Phelps’ personal life. The dude is one of the greatest athletes our generation will ever witness. No Facebook post can change that.

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