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Miami-OH Pike Is Offended By Anti-Hazing Cartoon, Needs To Be Hazed

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The world today has a sensy problem.
Oversensitivity to the absurd should have been put to bed around 2003, when Chappelle’s Show hit the airwaves. That two-and-a-half year groundbreaking stretch of masterpiece television arguably did more to shatter the barriers of prejudice than anything before it. At the very least, Dave taught us that the best way to handle what offends our temperaments is to relentlessly jeer its lunacy, one WacArnolds skit at a time.

Instead, over the past decade, the cool-headed masses in our country have been forced into agonizingly banging our collective heads on our desks, as the oversensitive, yet vocal, minority of our society takes to their stainless pulpits, and make mountains out of molehills.

Sadly, even members of the Greek system are not immune to this plague of beta male behavior.

  • **I suggest reading the following student op-ed, written by a Miami University Pike, that is entitled “IFC, Greek member offended by insinuated hazing” in the voice of a tight-jeaned, angst-filled, mid-puberty emo singer.**My name is Vince Landreville, and I am a member of Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity and the vice president of member education of the Interfraternity Council.

    While reading Friday’s issue of the Miami Student, I was shocked when I saw the cartoon of a fraternity new member asleep in class with “#Pledging” as the description.

    Really, “shocked?” Just how delicate are your sensibilities? Go on, explain.

    This stereotype is completely inappropriate.

    …And also true for the majority of your fraternal brethren.  The fact that the pledge scum in this drawing is depicted as sleeping with an upright-head infuriates me to no end. If his cartoon hazing had been anything proper, it would be hung low in a sea of SHAME AND INEPTITUDE AND WORTHLESS PIECE OFGARBAGE.

    I am ashamed that the Miami Student would allow this image to be printed. I find it very demeaning and disrespectful to all Greek members. Miami Greeks have received a lot of negative publicity in the past year, and this only adds to the negative image portrayed by the media. While previous publicity was brought upon us, the decision to print this cartoon was a conscious decision to portray all Greeks in a negative light.


    Hazing, and the varying nuances of which, invite thoughtful debate. Screaming “shocked!” and “offended” through your mouse and keyboard does nothing to preserve the honor of the Greek system. It just makes the rest of the world, even the GDI’s over at Jezebel and the Miami student paper, wish that your ‘bows had spent more time on bottlecaps thinking about what a gigantic, easily offended, un-American chump you are.

    [via the Miami Student]

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J Parks Caldwell

J. Parks Caldwell is a senior contributing writer for Total Frat Move, Rowdy Gentleman, and Post Grad Problems. He frequently blesses the rains down in Africa.

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