Miami (Oh) Editorial Is Butthurt Over Hilarious, “Offensive” House Names

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Miami (Oh) Editorial Is Butthurt Over Some Hilarious House Names

When you’re walking amongst the houses at Miami of Ohio, you will find that instead of numbers, some houses are labeled by names. Some are funny, some are dumb, and some are in between. These include names such as: Jager Stadium, Sex On The Beech, Plan B, The Great Fratsby, and Tequila Mockingbird. My personal favorite is “Cherry Poppins.” It’s a simple, yet hilarious, take on Mary Poppins and what I assume is some cherry dessert she made.

It’s all in good fun, unless you’re this unnamed staff writer for The Miami Student. They take offense to some of the names because this is America 2015 and everyone has to be offended by something. They claim the names are degrading, sexist, and racist.

From The Miami Student:

House names such as “Smack My Bishop” and “How I Met Your Daughter” hold the same sentiment. These house names are nothing more than an ever-present equal to the sexist and disrespectful banners that caused controversy at Ohio State University two weeks ago.

How are these disrespectful? At some point in time, a dad’s daughter will meet a guy and the story will be called “How I Met Your Daughter.” Smack My Bishop is an awesome play on words. It reminds me of the time when Baseball Tonight was doing highlights for a Rangers game and said “Is Mitch going to have to hit a pitch?” when he hammered a home run. That’s funny, not disrespectful. This person needs to get their head outta their ass.

They don’t stop there, though. They think that there is one inherently racist house that needs to be stopped.

The one house that stands at the pinnacle of obscenity is “Plantation,” the large white colonial that bears an eerie resemblance to a slaveholder’s mansion. This house name is blatantly and unforgivingly racist.

This writer really just claimed that the word “plantation” is racist. Well, I’ll be damned. I guess that means the PGA’s own Kapalua Plantation course in Hawaii is racist. Shame on the PGA for being associated with such a word.

Maybe this writer should stop trying to tell people what to interpret as funny or offensive. He or she will enjoy life a lot more.

[via The Miami Student]

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