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The Miami Hurricanes’ New Virtual Reality Experience Is Missing Some Key Features

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miami hurricanes football

As technology continues to creep into our daily lives, it’s not surprising that college football teams are chomping at the bit to utilize new tech in their facilities and game day experiences. On Wednesday, Miami took a big step in implementing the hot new world of virtual reality for use by the athletic department.

From The Miami Hurricane:

The result of a partnership with EON Sports VR, Canes VR is a virtual reality channel that will feature content from all UM sports. Fans will get the experience of feeling like they are actually at practices or right next to the student-athletes during interviews.

“We were approached by EON Sports VR,” Assistant Director of Digital Strategy Tim Brogdon said. “We were taken aback because we didn’t really know that [virtual reality] was becoming a big thing or how we would go about it.”

Since talks began in March 2016, virtual reality technology has advanced so greatly that the athletic department is able to produce content in-house.

The Canes faithful are already living in a delusional sense of reality, so it’s no surprise that they would want to delude it further with some fancy electronics. The execution, however, is completely wrong. Giving fans a chance to feel like they’re in the room at a press conference would be a lot more interesting if Mark Richt didn’t have the personality of a styrofoam cup. Instead, Canes VR should give the Dallas Cowboys of college football a chance to visit their favorite place on campus — the past.

Imagine strapping on a set of goggles and going to the glory days of Miami. One second you’re sweating and running from the Zika virus, the next you’re hanging out at night clubs and blowing down lines with Vinny Testaverde while Venus by Bananarama assaults your ear drums. You could witness Greg Olsen and the Seventh Floor Crew rail out some kid’s girlfriend before making music history. If fans really want to get behind the scenes, they can sit shotgun while Jimmy Johnson asks a stripper to choke him in the back seat. That’s a real fan experience, not seeing the post-Shapiro wasteland that the U has reverted to.

Take notes, EON Sports. If there’s one thing we know about sports fans (Seahawks and Golden State not included), it’s that they all pine for ages past. Don’t let the here and now be your limit. Give people a glance into their team’s former glory, and watch the cash roll in while you VR back to the Darryl Strawberry Mets. Sports, like politics, are all about making people remember how great the world used to be. Just make sure you don’t include a “Weekend at OJs” download.

[via The Miami Hurricane]

Image via YouTube

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