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Meet Forrest Baker, The Delta Sigma Phi Badass Who Thwarted The Cal Poly Burglary

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It has been a little more than 24 hours since we first reported on a story coming out of Cal Poly, where five thug football players attempted to burglarize the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity house. Since then, news teams have managed to catch up with the fraternity members involved, and we now know that the Delta Sigma Phi house is home to a certified badass.

As we reported yesterday, at least one of the robbers was armed, but that didn’t stop Cal Poly junior Forrest Baker from kicking his ass.

Baker awoke early Sunday morning because he heard noises coming from the back patio of his fraternity house. He walked outside to discover his fraternity brother being held up by a man with a gun. Noticing his brother was too terrified to function, Baker told the gunman to follow him, and then he led the intruder up an outdoor staircase to the second floor of the house.

From The Tribune:

During the course of the incident, Baker said the man pointed the gun at his chest, back and head.

Baker stands 6-foot-3 and weighs 187 pounds. He said the suspect was about the same size.

“He was saying, ‘Show me where the (expletive) money is’ and ‘Don’t call the cops’ and ‘I’ll (expletive) kill you if I see the cops,’ ” Baker said. “With any burglar, I assume they’re looking for some sort of valuables. So I was like, ‘Sure, I’ll get you any of our valuables.’”

Baker, who is trained in jujitsu and mixed martial arts, noticed the gunman was shaking and seemed incredibly nervous. Using this to his advantage, he continued to stall the gunman until help arrived.

When the first police officer arrived, the gunman became distracted by the approaching officer. Then, he gave Baker the opportunity he needed to bend the gunman’s arm behind his back and knock away his firearm before tackling him down the stairs.

After the fall, a group of police officers rushed toward the gunman and detained him, while he was “freaking out” and fighting back, Baker said.
Some of the other fraternity members joined in the dogpile as well, according to Baker.

“It was a real intense fight on,” Baker said. “We got off for a second, and the police officers were like ‘No, get back on.’ No one knew if he still had the gun on him or not. Everyone was wondering where the gun was, but I’d knocked it out.”

Baker says he may have fractured his foot during the incident, but like a true badass, he said the doctor can wait.

Just to add to his legend, he conducted his interview with the local news shirtless, because fuck it, who is going to stop him?

[via The Tribune]

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