Matthew McConaughey’s Older Brother “Rooster” Gets Year Supply Of Beer For Naming Son Miller Lyte

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Matthew McConaughey’s older brother Michael -– who goes by “Rooster” -– always has a can of Miller Light in-hand, even on air during morning talk shows.

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Rooster, who is the star of his own reality TV series “West Texas Investors Club,” loves Miller Light so much that he even named his son Miller Lyte. Young Miller is now 9 years old, but the beer-maker’s parent company SABMiller didn’t find out about the tribute until recently.

To thank Rooster for creating a living, breathing advertisement, the company sent him what they consider to be a “year’s supply” of the watery, alcoholic nectar.

From FOX 5:

To reward McConaughey’s brand loyalty, SABmiller—which may soon merge with its biggest competitor and fellow beer giant Anheuser-Busch InBev—is sending Rooster 24 cases of Miller Lite, what the beer maker considers to be a year’s supply. At 24 cans per case, that’s 576 beers total—or 1 and a half beers a day… so it might not last the diehard Miller fan more than a few months but hey, free beer is free beer.

A mere 24 cases is an insult to a man as dedicated to maintaining a steady buzz as Rooster is, but I guess that’s the way things go when beer companies are required to promote the “Drink responsibly” lifestyle.

Still, I can’t help but feel like Rooster missed out on raking in even better free stuff. He could have named his son “Crown Royal” or “Jack Daniels” or something more expensive to fill out the top shelf of his liquor cabinet.

I had no idea companies did this. Now it makes sense why the dude from Coldplay and Gwenyth Paltrow named their kid Apple. Everyone made fun of them for being weirdos, meanwhile they were curled up on the couch watching Shallow Hal and listening to “Clocks” on brand new iShit.

Does everybody get free stuff if they name their kids after it? If I ever have a kid, I’m naming it Blowjobs. Or Cocaine.

[via FOX 5]

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