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Matthew McConaughey Drove UT Students Around Campus Last Night For Shits And Gigs

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matthew mcconaughey texas

I’m not entirely convinced Matthew McConaughey doesn’t still live in his room at the University of Texas Delt house. He is frequently spotted around campus, attends every home football game, and even goes to class. Dude’s a 47-year-old sophomore, and it’s awesome. McConaughey loves UT and the city of Austin more than anyone who’s ever lived, so he decided to give back to both communities recently.


He surprised a group of University of Texas students getting a ride from the school’s SURE Walk program. The program gives students free rides around and off campus every day from 7 p.m. to 2 a.m.

I had a friend who worked at Disney World that once told me that you’re not a real Disney World employee until you’ve met Neil Patrick Harris. Disney World seems like a big place, but my friend ran into him in less than a month. I guess this is kind of like that. You could be an eleventh year senior at UT who lived through the ’05 natty, but if you haven’t run into Mr. Alright x3 at some point, you may as well be an Aggie. Look at this picture of McConaughey golf carting these lucky bastards back to their dorms:


Check out the girl in the back. She doesn’t give one fuck that an Oscar-winning actor and all -round smooth operator is her damn chauffeur. Disrespectful. She’s just like “Cool. Guess I’ll check my Snaps.” Or take a nap. Like this is some every day shit to her. Proof that people can get numb to anything.

I like to imagine McConaughey was moseying around UT getting into hijinks when he saw the golf cart hanging out. He was probably like, “Awwwright. I’m gonna drive this shit.” The volunteer driver was mid-drop off and McConaughey just takes it with the passengers on. Nobody cares, because hey — it’s McConaughey.

I’m gonna say that the kids didn’t get home at all, and instead ended up sitting in a Whataburger parking lot for 6 hours. Smooth move, McConaughey.


Image via The University of Texas Student Government

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