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Mark Cuban’s Advice For The Republican Party: “Stay completely out of social issues.”

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Remember how shitty the Dallas Mavericks were in the ’90s? They were as irrelevant to the NBA as strolling into Walgreens to grab some Plan B and a Gatorade on Sunday morning or two dudes banging each other while sharing a health insurance plan and wearing symbolic jewelry should be to a discussion about America’s prosperity and place as the global leader economically, politically, and against hostile extraterrestrial forces. Once billionaire, genius, playboy, philanthropist Mark Cuban bought the team, however, they turned into a perennial contender in the brutal Western Conference, culminating in a 2011 NBA championship over LeBron James and the Miami Heat, making Mark Cuban’s place among the best NBA owners ever undeniable, and sports trolls hate-gasm harder than they ever had before. Pretty sure Skip Bayless burst a blood vessel in his eye and passed out after that title.

Mark Cuban knows how to take something broken and turn it into something great. The Republican party is by no means broken, but its stances on many hotly debated social issues are most definitely a very squeaky wheel on what should be a well-oiled machine, especially when it comes to attracting younger voters who don’t quite grasp the importance or nuances of things like economic or foreign policy. Cuban, who leans to the right (he’s basically a libertarian), agrees. This is what Cuban said when asked, “How do you change the [political] conversation so that prosperity becomes part of the conversation again?” while on CNBC’s “Squawk Box.”

“As long as we have the two parties that we have I don’t think it’s going to change. I mean if I was going to give guidance to the Republican party, which I think leads more in that direction, I’d say, ‘Stay completely out of social issues.’ And if you stay out of social issues then the conversation from that side will only be around economics and business, and growing business, and ideas. But they can’t stay out.”

While Cuban doesn’t mention which social issues he thinks the Republicans should back off of specifically, it’s pretty clear he is making reference to conservative politics concerning women’s reproductive rights and same sex marriage. Republican stances on both issues have helped Democrats and liberal media outlets alienate young voters away from the right by portraying the GOP as archaic, out of touch, and even hateful — especially over the past fourteen years. And, frankly, Republican opposition to the progress of both causes is not only a waste of time, but it’s just flat out wrong, not to mention WILDLY hypocritical for a party that purports to want to keep government out of the lives of citizens. It also doesn’t help that there aren’t any episodes of “Glee” about the free market.

Granted, there are other social (or quasi-social) issues Republicans are on the correct side of, such as gun control, and issues on which they have many valid points, though arguably not the entire answer, like immigration. Beyond all that, however, where the Republican party is strongest is in its desire and actual ability to build an environment and economy in which every individual is afforded the opportunities to succeed in whichever endeavor he or she chooses. Just, you know, arguably the most important American quality there is. That is why it is so important the Republicans focus fully on what really matters. It’s in the best interest of the United States that they do so. That’s where Cuban believes they should focus their energy, and, more importantly, their voices. Hard to disagree with the guy. The full clip is below.

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