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Marines And Police To Protect Cancun Spring Breakers

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I don’t know how exactly I feel about this.

Tens of thousands of U.S. college students are flooding into the Mexican city of Cancun, where officials have stepped up patrols of marines, soldiers and special tourist police in zones packed with hotels and bars.

On the one hand, I am proud to know that our troops will be right there to protect my God-given right to Spring Break in a foreign land. On the other, I’m not particularly fond of authority figures when I get shitfaced. After all, who wants to be told where they can and can’t piss?

But with Cancun expecting roughly 43,000 people to come down and celebrate spring break with levels of debauchery I would never subject any U.S. city to, it’s a smart move. American college students go harder during spring break than any other time of the year. Add as Americans, we think Mexican laws don’t apply to us, so you’re just asking for trouble unless you take some precautionary steps.

Also worth mentioning is that only 25,000 spring breakers visited the city last year. So, if things weren’t crazy enough last year (spoiler: they were), they sure will be this year.

Brad Madani, a 24-year-old from Toronto, said he had come to Cancun for the second time and was drawn by the beaches, discos and bikini contests. While many Canadians think Mexico is dangerous, Madani said, he felt safe in Cancun, particularly with the heavy presence of marines.

You couldn’t find an American college student to interview? You went with a Canadian who’s using words like “discos” and “bikini contests” to describe what he’s excited about? Brad, I believe what you meant to say were “bars” and “wet t-shirt contests.”

Speaking in halting Spanish, he added, “Hay muchas chiquitas bonita,” or “There are many pretty girls.”

Brad, you don’t need to know any Spanish to get laid. This is Cancun on spring break we’re talking about. Everyone who’s there to party is already speaking English and as long as you’re not the creepiest person at the club, you’ll get laid. Sure, there may be a couple of fine mamacitas worth talking to, but let them speak broken English to you, not the other way around. It’s the American thing to do.

[via The Huffington Post]


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